November 2014 Blog
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No darkness will prevail over His light. The Lord wills for His own to understand. So why would God send life to such a forsaken world as ours? It is His plan to bring eternally loyal souls, loving Him, to life. His plan is to prevent rebellion; that we may know right from wrong. God is greater than any of us could wonder to understand. Perhaps this is why many choose not to know of Him for He is greater than any of us and it involves a humbling fear of His more than glorious creation beyond knowing. Nothing is hidden from God in His own creation of light. He invokes life from the smallest of grains of sand and counts the blades upon the wind. From each moment, all celestial motion is part of His simple understanding. One can suffice to say that infinity is in Godís back pocket. His request is that we consider His ways that we may be wise of heart. Simply gazing upon the night sky, though inspiring the wonders of forever, falls utterly short of His true unknowable enormity. We are so small in the vast regions He commands. All should be humbled as the sky is a window to God.

Not always do we follow what we should as we are all called to return to Him. For each of us, it is a quest in pursuit of knowing ourselves through Him. The Lord will not stop us from rebelling if it is our choice. His will is that with live of sound mind with no division in our commitment to Him. If one ignores the call of God to hope in Him, He will not save us from our own destruction. God cannot be out smarted. Ask, and He will lead you in the path of His powerful light. The truth of God demands more than we can offer. Through Christ we can know God in the midst of being reproved as we mature in knowledge of Him. Cherishing Him reveals more than this minute world can offer. His treasures lay richly in the souls that embrace His word. What God asks of us is not hard to understand; faith, hope, love. He requires that we pursue knowledge of Him and in this we are enlightened to the roots of wisdom. It is His word that enables us to reach unobtainable heights.

Time is the clock delivering discernment in obtaining His will of practice concerning our conduct. Not all are able to be free of anger living in a self-inflicted prison of stifling awareness. Material thirsts can drown a soul buried in unsatisfied desires. Scurrying as blind mice, He calls for us to hear Him. Material bondage is the sentence we all must endure. Mature spirits welcome improvement forever humbled in the presence of just a glimpse of His majesty. It is through afflictions that we learn to become wise. By our hope, we become strong to the glory of Him. It is through seeking understanding of His will, His Spirit, that recklessness is avoided. As the times will be what they are, He asks that we step out and be Holy. The truth He offers is a prize above cost. It is God that extends His glory to us. Faith is knowing God is there. His will is for us to know Him and to act accordingly. His will is for us to be filled in Him while our hope waits for the promised inheritance. On our staircase in life, He asks that we ask for His help and guidance without doubting as we rest upon our outward confession. Self-control defines His design in our return to Him. To be wise is to avoid our own foolishness and arrogant pettiness. Godís plan is to eliminate rebellion. Life has no substitute and to be alive in Him is better than wishing death from emptiness. His water is able to fill the hearts of all. To be in Him is to possess eternal sanctuary. So be it. Come to His life and live!

~ Ron Bert Ė November 2014

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