False Teachers
June 2015 Blog
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False doctrine has crept into the Lord’s church ever so subtly and blatantly. This is done as human desire overrules His word. Truly, it is wolves in sheep’s clothing announcing their own horns of truth, with more stories involving tolerance than substantiation using scripture. These are not humble teachers but those that rule through intimidation and superiority as they possess haughty hearts centered on the greatness of themselves. Their words fill the air with complements of goodness, but their shallow façades fail in the steadfastness a true genuine heart holds, mired in self-seeking contradictions of their own making, they flip from hot to cold on a whim. In their unbeknownst tower, they stumble in self-imposed confusion as they cannot see. Selfish and impatient, they sow discord catering to the flesh while disregarding His true word as insufficient or dismissing any scripture that contradicts their false, self-created, doctrine. It is said that digression does not like to be restrained. They misquote scripture in an attempt to show their perceived brilliance. Their blind hypocrisy denies any error as they make claims of all knowing maintaining an unforgiving heart to those who may challenge their authority. Stubborn in their accusations of being surrounded by the inferior, their pompousness has no end. They choose when to add to or embellish the word of God to suit their desires satisfying human needs over God’s commands and or announcements. They decide when the humble seeking curious are unteachable, especially if not in accord with their immediate announcements. In the sight of God, they refuse to listen to His call to truth as they themselves are their own truth. Simply, they call glory to themselves and not in honor of God. Warnings fill the scriptures against these arrogant souls, and as 2nd Peter speaks, using cunningly devised fables in their own private interpretations, not announced in scripture. They are fools that lead the innocent into the ditch of destruction. The warning is clear, hear God over man.

~ Ron Bert – June 2015

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