Do we Pray?
March 2015 Blog
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I have just completed emailing prayer requests to all 50 states of this great nation. I thank all those who have taken the moment to beseech God Himself in my behalf, as well as mercy upon my family too. The weight of grief deepens as loved ones depart and friends become sparse. I call out and time left will reveal the truth that is to be. I wait in His light.

A great debate wages across the land. What does God ask of us and what would be His truth, mixed in with the quagmire of human doctrines? These arguments are not unique to our times, but plunge to the deepest reaches of each soul. Life and death desperately knocks on all of our doors, especially as the young stretch into the past. What is the path to save us from this world, or even ourselves? Obscurity from birth is part of the curse we all bear as we realize abilities to question. Do we search for something greater? - And this would be true for all who hold hope. Freedom from bondage is a universal plea and rises from our innocence as life influences our thoughts. Time is the lock to the cell in which we all reside.

Universal keys have been delivered to all the ages of mankind and can be found in caring over despising. Choosing to control anger with love is the maturity He searches for in His children. Forgiveness is the softness of love. Simple truth can be the hardest to implement. Raging hearts have always filled the land. There are those that will never hear, hating until they are gone. If we truly want peace for our children, we must purge individual sins and unite in His call to return. It is individuals pursuing the inspired principles delivered by God’s own breath that will save our communities, not the raging groups trapped in the mini-wars of their cars. It appears true that the materially poor have greater riches in depth of heart. One’s all does not come in parts. We should all pray hearts return whole in the light of His healing truths.

I myself can do no more than to bow to His inevitable coming. Pray God for the deliverance of hearts returning to decency, over destruction and family squabblings, in all the cities of man. Madness is consumed in the shackles of darkness, and we so need the light of God to truly and miraculously set us free. Vision is in the eyes of the beholder. May His clarity deliver your heart.

~ Ron Bert – March 2015

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