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Godly Sorrow
God's Fishing Hook
Faith Without Action is a Lie
Word Seeks Deeds in Truth of Heart
Above created in PowerPoint 2010
Aharoni Font is used in many animations.
A master PowerPoint animation collection is under construction.
I was asked by a member to make
these powerpoint sermons available:
Courage.pptx - 17.3 MB
Worry.pptx - 28.8 MB
Presence.pptx - 16.6 MB
Absolute Light.pptx - 5.6 MB
WORD TRIANGLE w/html link - 3.5+ MB
Washington to Lincoln Timeline.pptx - 35.7 MB
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are best viewed in PowerPoint 2019

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For the sake of our children’s children, we must possess a spirit of purpose, for without such we are doomed to the dark ages of spiritual deprivation.
* NOTE: I no longer have the time to construct matching YOUTUBE PowerPoint sermons.
It is labor intensive requiring 60 or more hours to synchronize.
Substantial donations would enable these constructions to resume.
I hope one day to be supported with video sermons.

Hello - Enjoy the Ride

Truth remains no matter separate paths taken

* NOTE: I have yet to be taken seriously as an influential scientist.



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