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January 2015 Blog
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ďThis is not a sales call so donít hang up,Ē as the offer of something free alludes to the sales pitch, - and at no less, from an automated soulless voice synthesized recording late in the evening. Lies pervade any honesty this nation may have once held dear. The largest of Truths are twisted from the light of common sense as it is reduced to moaning pettiness. Lawlessness devours the land insulting all that are wise. Our leaders must engage in truth to secure the county as deception will only widen the divide. Is there one candid leader; the nation calls out for one of such. Our leadership and protection is freely found through Christ.

Darkness is excluded from life in the light. Familiarity with Godís word allows oneís spiritual strength to rise. God requests that in all we do, we regard Jesus Christ, so glory may be exalted through Him by our actions. Our ability to speak the words of truth is directly related to the knowledge we maintain through studying the Bible. All scripture is inspired by God so that we may, in truth, ably return to His will of conduct. We are instructed to acquire this knowledge of His word so that we may carefully speak with authority - the reasons for our faith. Deep peace is an attitude acquired as a result of endless unshakable faith.

Righteous words are a blessing, healing the wounds of our souls. The word of God is the purest of pure increasing the excellence of all those that possess it. Without the armor of Godís word, many fall into sticky situations. Rebellion and defiance are the flames of an empty soul. Godís word is precise. It is well spoken words that echo throughout time. The word of God is spoken either rain, snow, sleet or sunshine. He endures holding creations purpose no matter the era.

Golden choice words shine as blinding silver enlightening all without partiality. Most have carelessly spewn words magnifying sins deception. Wisdomís cousin is the word careful. It is through knowledge that wisdom filters. Those methodical have left recklessness behind. Even thoughts are words uttered to the mind, so one must be careful consciously to master acuteness. Elegance eloquently pronounced glistens inspirationís accomplishments. The Lord enjoys those in pursuit of goodness in which is well spoken.

Our foundation is found in seeking Him while we wait hoping for the salvation as promised. Quiet is the course of calm to the true and sure banks of sanctuary. Rage shouts out among fools who lack understanding. It is by the lack of understanding that fools brilliantly bare the darkness they stumble about in. Fools reflect thoughtlessness, recklessness, stupidity, madness, idiocy, and above all, a lack of caution. As a broken water pipe, a fool pours forth unrestrained. They gather in crowds. With the rage of a maniac, a fool announces proclamations of revenge while the wise carefully and or fearfully listen. Fear has a higher deeper spiritual regard over that of shallow carnal anger. Void of understanding, emotionalism is akin to the fool. It is the good heart of a soul that responds appropriately while an evil one answers to no one.

The Lord declares that He is a God of knowledge and that arrogance and pride will be judged accordingly. How often in our lives has it been the other guy that is to blame? Perhaps your boss, a friend, or your better other half is guilty, for the suffering that you endure. Would we blame those entrusted to protect us as well? Surely, ungodly madness has overtaken us. Any unrestrained spirit defines lawlessness. The solution lays in the heart of each of us as we should welcome social protection over mobs blind unfearing looting rebellious anarchy. Is it to be just the vanity of fleshís temporary desires or the righteousness of godliness where true value lies? Ignoring deeper spiritual questions bequeaths a shallow soul void from the vastness of what He truly offers in assisting oneís emerging character. There are those who audaciously believe they are accountable to no one.

Accountability exposes a humble heart which responds appropriately. Anger devours the love that can be had stealing oneís peace and harmony of thought. God instructs us not to be angry (other than at sin) as it is the root of festering evil. Do not let anger harden your heart for the sake of your own endearing softness where peace abides. Rage not only tears the hair out but it leads to the destruction of all those in its path. Better to carry shame quietly than to join in an unhearing foolís wrath. Anger is the cancer of peace.

We know, as God Himself announces, that the wrath of man is an abomination in His sight. For those that wish destruction, they have no part in His glory, though the lie shines boldly as truth. Love is patient, eager to understand, while angerís impulsiveness rips folly. Better to enter Heaven restrained than filled with unbearable troubles condemning the soul. Our words, reflected in actions, will expose who we are as His judgment declares both just penalties and rewards. Deceitful liars murderously plague all that is good. The sweet words of a seductress hear well before the fire destroys it all. God calls for truth and honesty in love as essential for the salvation of oneís own soul.

Knowledge is key to any and all fruitful discussions. Consider that the Lord has chosen His words carefully so that we may know that which is good and true. For our goodness He tells us not to be rash in any of our actions, avoiding what can lead to horrible habits. Wise purity is reserved for those that are free of angerís bitter wrath enmeshed in evil clamoring. Conniving and scheming are tools employed by the wicked over the just. Fools hear little and it is best not to throw pearls that will only be pulverized. However, blindness is a condition of not knowing and where the blind gather mayhem abounds. Indignant stubbornness, hate, envy, and anger are just a few of a foolís best friends.

It has long been known that loose lips compromise the excellence of any achievement. Our unceasing prayer should always be to regard what we say to others, in order to edify the whole and bring glory to God. We should pray that He strengthens our resolve to become what is acceptable in His sight exalting Him through our speech while blessing others. It is by fitly spoken quiet pleasant words in due season with restrained knowledge, without arrogance, that souls arrive at His doorstep.

In all hope, may the change He makes in us be true. Good or evil speaking is a choice best heeded before time seals our eternal condition. Do any of us really want darkness that extends to nowhere? In every endeavor, it is incomplete without God. The shame of our biting words cages our spirit in a prison of contempt. Liars know no mercy. It is the heart that radiates the character of a soul heard by others; for each utterance and thought is heard by God whom we must give a naked account. May that accounting upon judgment find us justified in His presence.

His will is that we be joined together in one mind without division through Christ. Many prefer self-proclaimed paths to enlightenment void of the oneness He calls out for. To regard oneself as wise is not wise but arrogant in a form of independent rebellion. Many have been deceived by the self-proclaimed. Impulsive hypocrites can tend to be hasty in their character assassinations of others. Pompous gossipers defile the word of God, alien to His will. It was a proud hasty lot that sent Christ to His crucifixion. The fire of words torches the inhabitants of the earth. Double tongued deceivers prowl the corridors of all time. Humanity falls victim to the tortures and blessings of mortal lifeís fragility.

None of us but Christ, our shining example, have mastered what the Lord asks of us. Pureness of heart in Him is the bar set before us all. We bless and curse in the very act of being alive; good and evil confronts each of us. Shame is a staircase to healing from past mistakes. There is no shame in the bosom of a self-proclaimed fool. Pride blinds true introspection. Honor cannot be demanded but is earned through true goodness revealed by the genuine praise of others. Terrorists proclaim possessive glory in the name of a self-created delusion, foreign of God. All glory belongs to the Lord and it is in Him that we should find great satisfaction. In praise of Him, glory is established. True glory has no restraint and the shear glory of His creation earns more than we can acknowledge. Sincerity of heart leads to forthright purpose assisting others whereas distant hearts lead to hasty isolated murmurings. He calls for all that we are to be with Him, in Him, where open truth resides.

It is Godís word that delivers us, if in fact we choose to genuinely apply it wholeheartedly. The tender kindness of a child can be foreign to the hardened heart of a faithless disgusted soul or a lustful monger. Actions truly bear eternal worth. Many paths in life confront each of us; family, careers, homes, relationships; in each comes a crushing defeat along the path. It is through climbing out of our exposed weaknesses that our resolve in strength grows. As all face trials, He commands that all be done with an attitude of thankfulness, for the sake that He is the Giver. It is a hard challenge for us all to do all in a spirit of thankfulness. It is in thankfulness that one may seize peace.

Carefully considering what comes out of our mouths has significant weight in our attempt to be more like Him, Holy in conduct. Words have such power as to calm the lion or inflame the innocent. If we patiently hear, this is the root of careful speech and compassion of heart. It is by our control over our words and thoughts that we may walk closer with God Himself. For in fact, it is truly the goodness in us that brings out godliness.

Our worth is found in the abundance of what we desire. The love of possessions has detrimentally kept souls from possessing content hearts. The earth has nothing close to the value of what God offers each of us. Indeed, the wealth the Lord offers is found through His word. Knowing Him has no greater value. Once on the path to true enlightenment, partaking in His word, our unceasing insatiable hunger for this first love should produce competence in knowing good over evil. He asks that each of us be able to discern through His Spirit. True value emanates from within where no cost is required other than faith that reaches out past the stars. His water is the sustenance of salvation. Spiritual treasures are reserved for the pure of heart pursuing His ways. Words are what light the soul. For those that find what He offers as precious receive rewards beyond compare.

To become aware of this eternal union, it all starts with the revealing of His word implanted on a humble patient heart. Is your heart firmly with God or preoccupied with coincidentals? To be enmeshed in the world is to be a prisoner of the world. Beyond the material, His pearls are freely given to all. To reflect His light is to be in Him, which should be apparent to all. The alternative has no eternal worth. Darkness consumes nothing in itsí wake of silence. Bluntly, we are all the victims of callous cowards. Our return to God is to rise above the folly of mankind no matter the harsh situations that confront us. May you find God and He find you. - Until heaven then.

~ Ron Bert Ė January 2015

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