Each holds a legacy, and it involves the honesty we share

A faithful heart is a forgiving heart.
What is the color of your spirit, not your skin, is the question.


As humans we gauge others by our own reference of understanding. Either we remain narcissistically blind or open to the vast truth that all error, and by this, a spirit's mettle is tested as experience cleaves evolving wisdom. Forgiveness over resentment heals what deviates from a soul’s peace. To be part of the larger solution we must bury contempt and bias if we are to join humanity for the better, rather than the tragic demise of all bitter hearted. If one may claim to be normal, it is only achieved by love’s mercy not to judge others too harshly where cynicism becomes the cancer of disharmony. I thank you for patience with my evolving works as long as it is that it is.

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XXX XXX XXX Hope is what all share for what is better XXX XXX
XXX Prayer submits to that greater source of life Goodness is the call of God Evil twists on the corners of earth Death and life's path is before us His kingdom unveiled

None can accomplish greater things without help.

I would like to publish several books.

         Presidential Quotes of Faith - Abridged construction
         Nutshells of Scripture
         Equations of Scripture
         Darkness - Preliminary list of 2,001 of my own quotations
         The Bus Tape Letters - Travels upon the wretched waves of Earth
         Chimney Corner Sayings - Incomplete version
         I Wouldn't Wish a Nursing Home on my own Mother
         Quantum Field Theory - The Topological Structure of Reality

Few in life truly find the passion to fulfill the desires of heart.
Those that do find this peace touch the sky as a bottom view.

Success is not a measure of earthly quantifications.
Success is a spirit of joy’s peace for love’s emancipation.
Success is the bond to give one’s heart away out of any stingy center.
Dreams may never come true where many battle the loss of all those most
extraordinary hopes. To stand on the bottom is to reach the top.
Success is leaving a piece of yourself for the enrichment of others.

Currently seeking preaching work.
Available for gospel meetings.

It takes the courage of character to wait on the Lord.
Thank you for assembling with me today.

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Words Morph upon the Sounds of Time Open to All is an Outward Edge Down Pulls upon Collapse from Up’s Push Realities Extent Vibrates from the Smallest to the Largest Color is the Paint of Time
All matter reduces beyond view where pressure and density rule Click on “Refresh” for video link - if box is dark.
The next revolution of truth awaits on the pedals of forever.
So much more in the
works as time avails
& if support arrives
Both parabolic and hyperbolic light emancipates upon Time Tomorrow is from Yesterday Locked in the Present
Light flows from the Smallest Point to the Largest Instantly The Paradox of Duality Remains in Below is From Above
Zero is Infinite in Volume as an Absolute Location The Quantum Foundation is what Pulls and Pushes All Reality All origin starting points connect to the end result; entanglement Origins are Nebulous at Best yet All is Inside from Outside The Entire Matter Light Universe in Time is Inclusive

  Quantum Field Theory
Without revolution science stagnates

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Cultures around the world may differ in values but we all undeniably have a common life.
What defeats the spirit in mankind locally or abroad is the soulless condition of heartless domination.
The deepening tools of evil cruelly oppress individual freedom to thankfully create.
Unfortunately, there is more human bondage than inspirational advancement.
Without concern for the children, the selfish abandon civilization.
Where people lose faith in God, lawlessness abounds.

Energy production toward the batteriless society is essential for global security.
i.e., Instant spatial sensors, Energy time pressure funnels, etc.

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