Reaching Out
Febuary 2015 Blog
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Suffering in life can stretch endurance to the breaking point for all of us. Life's path can be precarious at best. Every plateau leads to another mountain climb. We hope to be thrown a rope in the pit or at least an assisting life preserver. Many dream for a helping hand. That ladder that we look for has already descended; it is found in the saving word of God that is among us. God reaches out for each of us.

Without personally examining the treasures found in the Bible, one cannot hope to know God and His purpose. His light descends from above from within and it is what inspires our faith. Godís ladder is the rope to eternity, if we donít let go. Christ came to show us life, not in that we should judge others as to whether they are going to heaven or hell. The word tells us to examine ourselves, more so than the micro-scoping we too often place upon others, using ďselfĒ as the standard. Our faith develops as the word filters in to our hearts. Knowing and believing upon all that Jesus is, establishes a natural confession.

Faith is what reaches out ahead enduring the climb home. Our rope is our hope. Heaven waits for each faithful true soul responding to His call. This hope we hold is an anchor extending well past all of the stars to the throne of God Himself. Godís healing plan has hope as an integral part of our return. The finite mortality of the earth; all about us, futility extends upon the winds of sand. God hopes for us to find Him, something more than what has been created. The material, subjected to subjugation, Satan and his ways are in the process of being expunged. Death pierces a painful airless spiral. The way home leaves this world as Godís plan is to retrieve eternal souls.

To experience the true fullness of God, faith anchored in hope pales in comparison to the true love we hold for each other, and God, now. The moment has been made real. Love is a reaching out to hold something we cannot touch. It is spirit established in the eternal. Those that have it have gains untold, the greatest of all wealth mortally obtainable. And who can hold the bottom of a heart but God Himself. Creator of all, He holds us all, as time counts down. Death has value over birth. In Him one is born again.

Many claim superiority over His knowledge with visions of their own, declaring powers of creation. Fundamentally, all power emanates from God. He is the source and it is not of us. It is through open honest hearts that we are able to humbly return to God. Expecting something from God, after He sacrificed Himself for us to know, is a foolís paradise. Fools inevitably doubt in their own short lived delight. A haughty heart dismisses reason with wisdom as a casualty.

God is near each and every one of us intimately, as the grace of life prevails. Consider your given heart (spirit) and return to Him openly. Petitioning God for help in our struggles or trials is part of the hope we embrace. To be humble is to admit faults requesting His guidance. Thoughtfulness resides over rashness. To genuinely love is to imitate God. Trust in Him is praise due. The wisdom of God has no equal. His offering results in unseen tangible gifts of spirit. Most assuredly, God will be found by all those, who use all of their might, that care to know Him.

As God increases in oneís life, the self is lessened in the light of His mercy and our humble thankfulness. He magnifies endless power through eternal love. He asks that we stay in His light keeping our wits about us. Darkness is a slide to a bottomless well, well enough left alone, and definitely best avoided. Each of us needs to know what is acceptable to the Lord for our own sake of eternal life. His will is for us to stand on goodness filled with righteousness in truth; to return to Him.

He instructs us to never give up, morning, noon, or night. Endurance is a test of God that exposes the character of a soul. Eternity has a price and it rests on being steadfast in Him and His call. For the diligent in Him, His will is what they prosper upon. This test the Lord has us all under, it will reveal the true nature of who we are. In strength or weakness, the path we walk declares the destiny we will inherit. Godís own judgment will befall us all, based on our response to His offering. Jesus Christ is the standard for true life rising from the earth. We must never forget to consider the mind of Christ, nor neglect the meditations given from blessings above. To overcome the world we must be bathed in His sacrifice. Never to say goodbye is of an unending faith, an unceasing effort, a growing union. To be immersed in Him once and forever is for those that will be eternally saved in His bosom. Darkness has no place to endure in His advancing Kingdom.

~ Ron Bert Ė Febuary 2015

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