The Greatest Commandment ~ Mark 12:29-31

"Sin ... you should rule over it." ~ Genesis 4:7

Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins. ~ Proverbs 10:12

For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. ~ 2nd Corinthians 13:8

... glorify God in the day ... ~ 1st Peter 2:12

... "Increase our faith." ~ Luke 17:5
(Romans 9:1-2)


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"... the LORD looks at the heart." ~ 1st Samuel 16:7

* More extensive autobiography under construction.

Who is able to express all the brilliant and despicable encounters that unfold before us all? I am best able to introduce myself by exposing some of my ideas and opinions. It doesn’t take much to offend people these days. With the nature of our civilization and “political correctness”, egg-shells seem to litter our fear-filled finger pointing foundation. There is hate and jealousies pervading our society, which no one can deny. We lack the fortitude to look hard at the truth, running for holes or ostracizing those courageous enough to stand for the truth they believe. Is it that we don’t want to stun that proverbial rock and lose our jobs? Complacency and fear includes cowards and this assists in the dreadful devouring of our noble bound children. The vultures circle our monuments of initial founding truths and intent for justice’s sake, all meant to be built upon for the betterment of our children, and onward so.

It is certainly a social travesty, for ourselves and our children, when, “since all truth is tolerable”, that then in fact, “no truth may be spoken”. We carry fear as our guiding light condemning us all for the shame of it. Thieves and bullies rule the land. Glory has never been hidden and when has outspoken truth kept civilization from achieving a greater honor for the benefit of all? We hide in the coffin of our disgrace. It is entirely damaging when we put up with the lies from those who call evil good and cold hot. How shallow is the depth and forefront of our concerns? Hypocrisy and duplicity are amplified. Without knowledge in truth, ignorance prevails within decay as most become enraged over engaged. Is there no where for the righteous to be heard and where and who would stand for absolute truth alive among us? Many ‘Thomas Paines’ speak, but few are heard over evils avalanching clamor.

Without courage of truth there can be no direction toward clarity for all. We are held in bondage by our own ignorance to the monsters that control us. Thirty odd plus years ago I made the statement that the nature of our country was that of a Decentralized Triple Fascist (Business-Unions-Banks) Capitalistic, Socialistic Society with a Communist Military. It didn’t make me popular then and I don’t expect it will now. However, the larger question is, why do we fear the truth so? And if it is so offensive, is it for our arrogant nature and illusions of superiority? - Even to the ludicrous point of being the pinnacle of civilization, at least the best the world has to offer; the best of the worst? In our best that she’s got world, man ravaging upon man, Intelligent Design is scuttled for no other reason than because Evolution is more convenient lacking moral accountability. And while Intelligent Design has more factual basis with Evolution crumbling for lack of evidence, we choose fantasy over reality. We claim control and achieve less. Lawlessness is the order of law, both materially and spiritually. Man in his greatness has no shortage of petty ignorance, and scheming against his brother. Unfortunately for our children, our blindness has handicapped our brilliance.

If I offend you, please forgive me. It is not so much my intention or goal, but it would be hard to expect anything else. Jesus was offensive and still is for His commitment to the truth, and I choose to stand for the greater good no matter the condemnation. My true hope would be for us to question those things that tear from the tranquility of a people, lies and injustice; now residing at the core of whom we are. Our institutions have skewed into the privileged few, failing the vast majority of us, and especially those for where fairness was intended to protect all. Quite frankly, social justice eludes us as the quagmire of corruption has so utterly overwhelmed us that it seems like no more than a mad race to nowhere.

In the land of ~ where the innocent are held accountable and criminals would be set free, lawlessness abounds from the top down. I believe that unless a spiritual resurgence overtakes the land, anarchy is just ahead after some major catastrophic natural or endemic disaster; even the nightmare of New York and perhaps Washington D.C. being vaporized in a terrorist attack. Martial law is just looking for a controlling reason. We can all agree that we live in fragile times unsure of the security of our national future. A massive restructuring and simplifying is mandatory for the survival of the founding Fathers noble objectives, and our future safety. We may very well be at a point where there is not a political solution to our besieged world, and I believe that if there is any chance for a "civilization revival," of decency and respect, it can only come through a collective of individual spiritual efforts regarding accountability over recklessness, from those that would oppress us. Lawyers have overburdened the meek. The collapse of our children is where embitterment suppresses truth, and the desire for it.

Education must be structured to encourage desirous growth early, over the current trend of rebellion not desiring the burdens of higher thinking. Many now plot in using social services of entitlement to perpetuate the desperate cycle of ignorance and increasing oppression. To our detriment, one mad gunman is more powerful than an entire aircraft carrier battle group. And for the business of arrogant politics, those individuals have no place in representing a great nation or people by the people. Tyranny infects all that is good.

I for myself am that I am. No mortal life is without struggles as perfection reaches out above us all. Each of us holds an unending and unwritten story of both tragedies and glories. We are not static creatures. I hope to share much more than this brief message, as time permits, with a more complete autobiography, and broad conclusive social spiritual analysis with charts and diagrams. The course of a people is driven by consensus. Absolving ourselves from God’s authority and demand for accountability softens social consciousness toward acceptance of evil. We have become an all to familiar welfare prison state, which is a downward spiral for all. Whether you join in my ideas or not, I wish you personal spiritual strength and that the righteous truth can again shine forth without fear, throughout the land. Let us stand as a nation in and for God’s own.

His or Yours?

* False religion destroys sound doctrine.

The religion Jesus instituted was not created to war against itself.
It is not a call to violence in ignorance with arrogant purpose.

Allegiance should be to God and not to man.
To deny the Gospel of Christ and His Apostles is to deny God.
True religion is a maturing relationship with the living God of peace and love.
Truth stands in front of the folly of mankind’s bickering.
God does not make a habit of arguing.

~ 2nd Thessalonians 1:7-8
People will not care so much who you are when Christ comes, but Christ will.
~ Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


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