The following are snippets that have been collected from individual files across my website which are located in the "Sermons" html Meta description code at the beginning of each file. Grammar corrections and or additions have been added where required and I have attempted to group similar thoughts. I will never be able to thank Carl Lungstrum enough for the expert enlightenings he has brought into my life as well as Mr. James Finney. Along with many others, these are master teachers and followers of Christ. Their dedication is unsurpassed in a field of all too few. I thank them for their strength of presence humbled in Him by our common sufferings. May our efforts lessen mortal toments and deliver comfort. The midst of thought rides on heaven's waves.

I became a New Testament Christian because I did not want to miss out on a relationship with the true living God Almighty. I had always felt, since my youth, that an all-powerful God above all was in control watching over all. I went with faith without knowledge, falling from one religious doctrine to another with amiss baptisms and anointingís, which only left me spiritually empty. It was more a search for selfish pleasures than a true search for our One and Only Real God. Youthful foolishness will do this to one consumed in desires without wisdom. Muddling along, as people do in convenient sinful natures, I was more lost believing that my greatness had earned the privilege of salvation; I was too good to be damned, even though I was not turning from my habitual lonely sin. Many slip comfortably in to complacency. Pride had deceived my greater vision. As a maturing adult, I genuinely did not want to be separate from the true God of the Bible and His sacrifice to give us life. The jeopardy of losing eternal life fearfully concerned me. With the fear of God, it was when I awakened with a true heart, in absolute confession, to commit in submission to Christ, as my savior and master, that the real truth of Godís forgiveness came shining into my life. Freedom is a condition of mind where peace is built on the joy that transcends past mortality and bonds us to eternity. This is the anchor that surpasses knowledge. I have been pursuing a keener understanding ever since I noticed I was alive, humbled in my continuing growing ignorance, certainly thanking Him for faithful brethren, and His revealing truths delivering the clarity of wisdomís treasures. I thank you God most deeply for the treasures in the midst of curses.

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Creation is new by definition and God asks of us to discover our creation in Him.
It was Godís choice to create the world and to save it the way He has decided to, resulting in terminating all heavenly rebellion eternally.
This is Godís universe of light to do with as He pleases. His desire is to remove all cancers and evilness that falls away from union purely in Him. Temporary life under oppression exists on earth as an example to stop further rebellion unto eternity.
Hope for eternal life in God is Godís creation. His hope is for those created in His image; that they will hold the same value He holds where He loves without despising.
By the will of God His universe is built upon eternal love holding those loyal in His image of love.
Godís plan is that no division causes separation from His call to truth and in this His will is done.
Great is our God in all His majesty who shines upon us all.
The lineage and ancestry for all originates with God creator of all. As the Father is in service to His children, children must also be in service to the Father. Faith in His truth unveils the salvation of individual souls.
God commands that we learn of Him and know Him through His word and return.
10Power express unchanging control, which is absolutely His. His power is to redeem us from ourselves returning conscious eternal life to the loyal in Him, and this is His written promise.
His distant nearness is written on steadfast hearts shining light over the darkness.
The distance of separation is an emotion most extreme. His mercy to forgive offering grace in the face of our rebellion speaks of a great noble God.
Godís kingdom brings Himself to us for all to know His yearning love for our honest open return.
Return depends on a sound investment delivering treasures hoped for.
Sin is our unpayable debt whereas one must submit to His sacrifice humbly, soberly, to return unblemished.
God desires a relationship in love and is provoked when substitutions disregard His unending compassion. His knowledge surpasses our understanding as His blessings continue hoping for the lostís fearless return.
In a rebellious world many choose to ignore Godís word catering to fancies of their own making. Rebellion is just that, a choice to abandon regard for the will of God our Creator for that of something else supreme. God will not be forgotten and all those who do not or care not to know Him, in His offering for us, shall inherit none of Him.
Godís call is for individual hearts to lovingly return to Him and to personally know Him in a prayerful relationship.
Prayer is our portal uniting His kingdom to the sanctuary of each and every champion with the courage to be called one of His saints.
20His leadership has no shortage of length, current in all times, vigilantly caring for our honest prayers.
Habits consent to the comfortable so beware, where negligence occurs, death creeps. Pray individual maturity delivers praise of His glory in peace inheriting grace.
Claims are made God is not fair allowing death and despair. What is not fair is our expectations of God over our praise and understanding. The message is, come to Him.
Most precious is His tenderness to love the unworthy. Closer than any human bond could be, always caring offering to share is by nature who He is. He offers life in Him eternally for those that choose Him and His ways.
Godís credibility is valid as real sane enlightened souls delivered His truths, which have remained steadfast spanning the eons of time. All in nature, and His given word, is an example requesting our humble return.
If only we could all live under the One God of our salvation.
Jesus is the epitome of compassion on the earth. Beyond all religious or righteous, it is to simply care for one another.
He is Godís own eternal truth.
Given to all conscious existence, His sacrifice bares in the face of rebellion to enlighten His glory through mercy and grace.
Glory speaks of greatness beyond time enduring all tests delivering truth. His life reveals God. We owe Him our lives.
30Through Godís pure creation, His Son came for us all, to enlighten us all, in a world of perpetual darkness; shine in Him as He shone the absolute truth of God.
Unseen treasures hide in the depths of His gifts revealed to those receiving His wisdom. Unspeakable worth above cost was paid so that we could find value. Creator of all pearls, His treasure is unending greatness offered for all.
Reigning over justice and charity, Jesus went to the cross to heal the hearts of those who would hate Him.
The bombardment of Christís innocence on the cross reveals forgiveness to the humble and damnation for the arrogant.
The curse in mortal life is being separate from God and if one realizes this disunion, redemption is found through our one and only savior God in the flesh Jesus Christ where true blessing returns.
Remembering His sacrifice is paramount in understanding our connection to Him while observing ourselves. In one we all live. Be all thanks in the mercy of His grace.
For the glory of Him we are shielded by His grace saving those loyal in the faith from corruptions destruction.
God predestined salvation to be offered through His Son, His Spirit, for all those in the corruption of flesh that would choose of their own free will to find and obey His will.
From Jesus Christ, each of us has a direct chord straight back to the cross holding our sins forgiven if acknowledged with a notion to believe and a gumption to pursue Godís own wisdom.
Jesus wills that all souls find freedom in God through His truth, finding themselves in His service, with abilities given.
40Sent from above God has delivered, through the plan of His Once Begotten Son, the actions we are required to live by.
His death reveals the truest nature of life and our suffering to return whole.
His blessings bless all truthfully in His light of victory over the rebellion of sin, especially for all those willing to obediently join in His call to return.
Rising above the mundane His preeminence brilliantly sheds truth on all below. His grace offers life to all redeemed souls found in Him.
Jesus came to show misfortune does not withhold a true heart from knowing truth and sharing strength in faith in God.
To be in the body of Christ His call must be heeded.
The act of the Lordís Supper is a call to return to remembrance of His giving sacrifice embracing His wholeness of life in the one body He holds.
Life is a meal which gains spiritual strength from its digestion, or carnal mindedness leaves it discarded as waste consumed upon the dust.
The door to God calls and can only shine forth if belief outweighs doubt.
Overcoming doubts is the challenge we all climb through, hoping in God, enduring while we are apart from him.
50The death of Jesus showed how sin makes human law mockingly ineffective and that obtaining justification through Him is to find redemption under His grace, as our propitiation. Faith of heart is knowing this is true.
Ages of man express an inability to remain decent. Law is established to correct the disobedient and define order.
Prisoners seek release from bondage pardoned of their misgivings under ordered rules ordained in justice. Obedience avoids the reaper. Our works of faith entitle us to His grace under the sacrifice of His love.
Faith in concert with works is a requirement in truth by the will of God to obtain His grace. Faith is a natural event for all, as believing in the next breath rendering life. Faith without works delivers nothing as so does works without faith.
Belief is an undeniable commitment to one thing or another. Stubbornness defeats openness to explore for errors in truth. Convincing blind men to see is close to a miraculous epiphany occurrence. Snap, God is here.
To be shown how to see, one has to hear His call.
Hearing calibrates our listening abilities to see in a blind world. The ear of a heart suffers alongside forgetfulness where pain replaces hope without obedience. Crucial keys include respect for His truth not to be forgotten.
Enthusiasm ensues where passion resides. Attentiveness results when effort is honed carefully to hear.
Golden silence divulges silent beautyís strength from within. Calm resolve to obey His divine design is the greatest of all honors regarding the just.
Learning is by nature respect to know. Truth in all honesty defines brilliance. Reading His word reveals true life.
60Belief is simple whereas sheer application finds the difficulty. Opinion cannot supersede His truth. Unbelief denies access to His promise of eternal life in Him.
Belief is only real when one stands up with an unshakable conviction. Judgment of God will declare each ones true worth in truth based upon His word.
Ones decision to trust leaps faith to more than belief.
Faith in Him is what draws us to the one and only true living God, not religion or its facades.
False temples fill the lands of man seeking signs from without, whereas true temple can only be found in an honest believing trusting heart filled with praise of Him.
Devotion is an example of suffering and patience.
Devotion to change for the better increases love for one another as He calls us to service.
Repentance improves a souls ability to have compassion, show mercy, and to love.
Associations in fellowship have no equal and are of the highest bond if peace unites in love. Without confronting errors, turmoil carves hollow chasms of mistrust without true repentance and prayer.
Unbeknownst one can be in denial of what Jesus asks of us, if practicing for desires of man and not for Godís calling for true repentance, humbled in view of His teachings.
70While we can never be good enough to earn salvation, we can be bad enough to lose it. Only by fruits worthy of repentance may we find the sanctuary He offers.
The razor of pain and suffering common to man can inflict poor judgment, incurring debts, without repentance to act in His ways.
The sting of bitterness can take away the joy of God.
Direction without purpose has no path to walk. Purpose without direction holds the bitter illusions of the flesh. Purpose with direction is the light that paints a manís destiny. Choice defines the destination.
Indifference is purposeless wandering in the chaos of confusion without direction. Beware; God beholds all as He calls for lives to live with purpose in Him.
To be real fills the definitions from man across the ages. Either in truth or lies, choices made determines perceived reality. Is it to get with the times or to get with God?
Each sentient soul must choose between being a man of God or a man of sin.
All plow waiting both physically and spiritually with different intensities as we grow. Searching for and or finding purpose engages as more creeps in; none are able to find fulfillment in all for the limitations of mortality in a finite realm. Understanding His word is the quickest way in finding an enduring peace, while suffering, which cannot normally be found. It is the gate to eternity that delivers timeless calm.
God searches our hearts hoping they light to the reality He has given. Forgiven souls are a beacon to His heart.
Material and spiritual competitions battle for His guiding truth. Desiring Him over self-proclaimed or esteemed charismatic leaders delivers a naked sincere heart.
80The flesh is a shell discarded by all no matter circumstance of affluence or impoverishment. From high to low, the same unique truth applies delivered for all to know, eternal life through Him.
Self-interest can lead to deceptions mired in the physical oblivious to His simple truth.
The track in life is to find living, free of penalty, releasing baggage that confines us. To find Him is to cling to the drawing call from above, to love that which brings the victory, of endless joy. Guiltless astuteness proclaims His glory.
When love comes last, despair comes first. Worldliness first places God last, whereas God first releases one from human bondage.
There is no freedom for those trapped in the flesh. True freedom unites in the humble honest love of God, praising Him.
It is through righteousness that redemption occurs resurrecting the soul. Pursuing unrighteous whims of pleasure disregarding the words given by Him will convict rather than exonerate a soul.
Without realizing the need for mercy, grace, and forgiveness, excessive indulgence leads to despair.
Churning aching hopeless despair can be overcome by removing suspicion and resentments, caring enough to live now engaging with others, and believing in God. A soulís brilliance is only diminished by its inability to flourish.
Resentment fills the hearts of resisting souls, disregarding His truth as authoritative truth, embracing fortifications of their own self-pursuits.
Greed overwhelms decent honest hearts choosing materialism and self-seeking over compassion of spirit. Arrogance holds no sacrifice.
90Those demanding of others for help, without personal accountability, who selfishly thirst upon their dark greed, have no shame in the face of Godís mercy. For this reason hell is a destination.
Hard workers generally are not rewarded by man, but the best are expected to do more in a higher state of accountability, as they are surrounded by the cheating slothful. God will harshly judge all thankless misers who condemn the just in tyranny when the great day of His wrath comes.
Pride is a march away from the humbling call of God.
The proud believe all is made for them while the humble are grateful for all that forgiveness offers.
Extremes in life draw torn divisions, from purely yearning for the most precious treasure in all that He gives, Himself, over the things He has created for us. From material desires to spiritual contemplations, one finds balance when the focus of both is to draw upon the other.
Societiesí petty endless materialistic consumption in continual novelty desires often negates simple noble ideals. Relationships with things cannot suffice an empty heart without the warmth from another.
Precious is a definition of desire, and without godliness its' treasure is recklessness.
Pleasure is the desire of an aching heart but if pursued without boundaries of caution, a soul is defiled.
The needs of each man hold necessity, while desires of wanting can splurge upon the profane causing inattentiveness to true worship. In spiritual regards, when needs are overwhelmed by wants, desire becomes focus over the simple regard He calls for.
No matter what wealth is collected, any wisdom obtained, power seized, nor pleasures found, can hold value of any kind without godliness and a spirit of thankfulness.
100Materialism is a suffocating cesspool anchoring the heart in despondency. Hearts can only rise releasing all to Him.
His grace gives forgiveness of previous sins for the genuine who strive to obey groping for His return.
Dedication is increased in direct relation to realizing just how much one has been forgiving.
Where one finds worth is where a soul calls out for it with all of one's spirit. One finds true blessings if in pursuit of righteous treasure, and cursed if it is just for self-indulgence without godly regard.
It is the presence of a soul that will hold accountability personally to God Himself as Jesus proclaims all just rewards.
Truth is Godís possession and only deception prevails without knowledge of Him.
The weight of a soul is measured in the balance of Godís knowledge.
True security is a state of mind beyond ordinary needs, extending trust to that which is greater than life itself. Helpless to ward off death in the flesh, belief connects one to the timelessness of infinite wealth given of love.
Eternal truth beckons awakening all life to know God is God.
The light of His truth explodes jewels across the treasure house of His grace.
110Settled souls delve into His absolute priceless guarding truths.
Commitment to His purpose of unending truth is more than a temporary fashionable decision to follow a fad or whim. The shallow fade as light descends upon the deep.
It is through good deeds that Godís purpose is glorified and it embraces a further draw to God.
Attentiveness returns knowledge and knowledge contemplates understanding while understanding delivers wisdom.
Endurance gasps to seize the goal of victory. Effort to unite with His declarations percolates in thoughts of His laws. What is from above lifts all who dwell upon it.
Endurance always repeats itself on a path of steadfastness, either in the one walk He calls out for, pleading for all of our returns, to all that He is, our savior and kingly Almighty Father, or resolved to endure doing nothing. The choice in walking is ether forward or backward.
Hectic times challenge citizens as subjugation shackles the genuine. Misery accompanies struggles as beaten by ignoranceís stubborn denials of God given truths. Sin hides in itsí own denial.
The focus of thought leads to what one worships and desire orders servitude to it as lord. Pray your greatest desire is for our savior Lord of heaven and not substance of mere flesh.
What one pursues is where a soulís allegiance lies and is either beneficially rising in Him or descending into oblivion. Stagnation is as well a pursuit to oblivion.
In deciphering right from wrong, temptations acknowledged, pursued or not, declare master or servant in a relationship.
120The stature of a soul stands upon honesty above hypocrisy. Scheming can be mired in hiding behind the depths of flesh while shining truth shrewdly and brilliantly brightens the whole.
His will is for all to hear of His magnificence to redeem the lost through His gift of word in truth. Remaining in His truth assures the promise of His love.
No price for sale can pay for entrance to His eternal kingdom. It is freely earned by obedience to the faith. Keeping His truths as precious is what makes a soul free.
Fools dream of what is not, swimming lost in waters hoping to find shore. Nonsense cannot replace understanding as God calls us to awaken in His truth.
Intelligent design can only explain what evolutionists will never be able to.
How time came to be and presence of life are constructions of God.
Daily is part of now which never ends. When does presence begin or end? To be sure there is no severing of faith in life believing now is. I Am that I Am reveals the extent of His presence throughout all that is.
The filter of Godís own truth reveals His timeless presence and purposed pointed existence to sacrifice in our behalf.
Faith, as something hoped for, is graspless without a heart to endure. Our presence uncovers our faith.
Understanding is a responsibility He calls for in worshipping Him in spirit and truth. Actions of heart are more important than motions of worship. Focus defines presence. It is a loving humble presence in Him that He calls for.
130Everything hinges upon the eternal calm He extends. Now to be part in Him, oneís choice must be in peace with Him as Creator of all.
Righteousness is contained in loyal believing obedient souls, submitting to His will in His truth, which leads to salvation. His call is come and find; to become whole and holy. His bars are set for each of us to reach out for. Goodness shines in our acts of kindness.
Striving to the upward call will never be enough and it is not intended to be as the goal is a reaching out from the corruptible to that which is incorruptible. One cannot overdo God as we have all underdone Him. His is the eternal prize.
While in the flesh none will be able to fully please Him other than in a personal quest to reflect more upon His image.
God tells us of what He has done for us and that He expects us to be responsible walking worthy in His call of truth. God offers His Spirit through Christ and in accepting Christ into our hearts, we fulfill the will of God.
Freedoms course avails choices of judgment to either that which is nobler or rendered to that which is less than despicable. Good conduct reflects bearing to His call while the petty hearted descend to what is vile in His sight.
Freedom is not a call to recklessness but to that of respect and decency as noble God fearing children. Choices to mire in the evils of flesh only wrap the chains of bondage upon the weak spirited, and plague the best. Law is the precedence of God and not of man. Ungodly tolerances of man pierce Godís own heart. Only the humble can live free.
The power of God comes from listening to His word and changing upon hearing the call to live a life in Him.
A clean spirit refreshes the soul and washing in Him finds favor with God.
Obtaining the knowledge of Godís salvation plan and acting on it by submitting to baptism can only remain valid if ones heart is then forever led by Jesus. His sacrifice shields those found obedient in His love.
140Understanding the gospel is what makes it good news when through the desire to please God, one finds salvation.
To know Him is comfort from the gift of His Spirit which allows us to obtain a true relationship through His revealing word.
The gospel holds an unchanging message for individual hearts to turn back to God and to obey His calling word.
Without control of thoughts we succumb to desires void of God in defiance to His call.
Church incorporates hypocrites as they heal from sin to become one in His called for pure religion, where mercy affords grace.
Godís own gift to man on earth, for mortal redemption, rejected, exposes manís lack to hear His call to the faith preferring self-imposed worship.
Commitment above self in observance of His design endures throughout all of ages of man. Devotion to Him first then aligns all appropriate relations. Hate assassinates the eternal bond of character He watches for in His calling.
Jealously inspires unjustified hate and those imprisoned by this plague live to hate.
A murderer is the hate held in an unforgiving heart without a conscience to change.
Travels encounter the wicked where hate destroys the decent. Victory can only be had in Christ as He will pull His own holy saints from the fires of profanity.
150Imitation is said the highest form of respect and to emulate our Lord tells volumes. His life is our living truth as we are humbled and grieved at the feet of those that would hate us.
God hates all abominations where evil crushes goodness, and darkness falls away from Him preferring wickedness over His light dashing from the truth of His word.
Following His word opens a lifetime of learning seeking to abide in the Son of Man. He calls for autonomous congregations who follow in Him teaching His way, and certainly not in any self-serving constructions of man. Is it for the glory of God or man? Does the edifice expose the opulence of man or dedication to God? God desires more than anything, the loving spirit of a soul, over any mere creation of His dust.
Customs and fear can compromise honest proper reverence to His call. To break free from false traditional habits is a challenge for all in a potpourri world where the jungle is filled with superstitions and false teachers.
With all that was prophesized and written about Jesus in the Holy word, God will not dismiss him for the proclamations or whims of a false prophet. Hear Him is the command with warnings not to invalidate Him.
Ritualistic traditional creations of man molded by his candy imagination or procedural habitual desires for controlling change cannot supersede steadfast declarations from the one and only true Almighty God.
His greatness cannot be denounced or convoluted unless choices made lead to deception elevating a lie over His truth. No man can change the gift of God to deliver His own, but man can mislead many with falsities which will not be excluded from just punishment.
Deceiving liars lead astray innocent trusting hearts that hope for something more splendid. Mistakes will not excuse penalties decreed to those who will not hear Him and obey.
People like to believe, but only so far, creating a Jesus of convenience who tolerates most of any actions, or even inaction. His gavel is His to beat and none of us can hold a stick against what has been delivered for all to pursue in obedience. To deny God is to argue against His word.
Not just a clichť, His life offers life to all those who choose to believe and obey the message found in the gospel.
160Servants of the Lord behold His merciful majesty no matter the affliction. It is not what God can do for you, but what you can do for God.
His church, built on His rock of truth, receives each saint loyal to His eternal call.
His church is a gathering of His saints striving to further abide in Him and His commands.
Faithful saints are servant stewards relied upon to trustworthily share His inspired word as active participants; doers and not just watchers.
He calls for sacrifice in doing good and sharing, giving time to the needy.
Glory amplifies when individuals unswerving praise Him showing all reverence to His call.
Saints are true believers holy in His sight for holding truth in Him as precious.
Unity in love is the reason for Godís creation and is found by those assembling together true to the faith. Freedom of spirit does not excuse one from responsibility to pursue His exclusive truth.
Worship is an external act from an inward feeling and can be based in the truth of God or deception of man.
God presents His plan through the gospel with explicit instructions that cannot be overwritten or supplementally modified, especially if catering to the entertainment of the flesh or absolving one's responsibilities.
170Religion strikes emotional extremes in the concoctions of man searching for identity. God has declared what He demands through His church and not the inventions of man. Obey or die has been announced.
The response to the call is for submission to act upon all of one's abilities forwarding participation for His glory. Fellowship first should be to God steadfastly and then filtering to all others.
All families feel the splintering harshness brings where personal desires rise above compassion. Honoring human bonds glorifies God as it is His will. Godless are family members who reject genuine pleas, condemning and ignoring the hands of those who would feed them, choosing worldliness over spirit.
If selfish souls lack the ability to lovingly commit to one another, for just a few short decades, how then can a soulís fiber show God loyalty unto eternity? Marriage reflects the endurance He calls out for and divorce of convenience is disregarding His will. God hates divorce as it is a treacherous severing of life.
Marriage is ordained by God exclusively between a man and woman for social order and the rearing of godly offspring. His truth and what is natural to creation cannot be overruled or changed by ordinances of man. Simpletons breathe in the deception of their own foolishness.
From adamant atheists to religious fanatics, God is a God of moderation and even keeled throughout the waters of His creation. His arrival in our lives or not declares the final port each of will find our moorings in.
God wants more than a checklist as He looks to hearts that love Him for what He is.
To live for God one must turn and believe wholeheartedly in His perfect plan under His guiding caring power. Each of us needs the help of God.
Salvation cannot be found through mere men but must be sought from the deepest depths of an individualís heart. Dependence upon man results in cliques whereas dependence upon God produces faith. Trust produces praise.
A hearts bottom radiates core thoughts of what one fills the self with. It is true what goes in comes out. Best behavior teaches courageous effort shines His light for the greater glory. Abiding hearts write rising songs in Him, even if only seen by Him, King of all symphonies, God Almighty.
180Music of the soul plays from the heart speaking directly to God. Do we worship the music or does our music worship God?
Behavior plays the notes of time and is the pillar or pit of character, whether it towers or descends, in regards to the decency He calls out for.
Our walking attitudes define the spirit that carries our souls. Christ is the example above all that we aspire to be in. In Him is the unity of life God declares.
Self-control is a responsibility of conscience God calls for to protect His intent of purity. Trust in Him proclaims God over self and humbles the heart.
Righteous is what reaches to the bottom of a heart, cheering in His appearing trusting beyond all known.
Holiness reaches purity when righteous acts reflect a heart of mercy and love.
Content free hearts understand giving delivers life.
The greatest thankful heart possesses the highest of blessings.
Following has characteristics of humble listening and action upon hearing. Let Jesus lead and let us follow.
Following Jesus is to regard and act upon all of His commands and instructions for our return to Him.
190Stepping out into His light involves a forgiving humble honest heart thankful for life. Our duty is to remain in Him.
Awareness is wonder upon agony where endurance is a quality of character fleeing from desperate desires.
Without love animals scratch and bite. Yearning beyond reason, souls are in a desperate search to find love to cleave to.
The intensity of ones priorities set the heart in pursuits of creature comforts and or questings pondering creation. Without an endearing spiritual relationship with God, only clamorous times ensue.
Life in any location prepares us, as choices in character refine optimisms excellence to follow, holding His keys delivering on the promise, or, empty pursuits leave only hopeless despair. Life or death is the game plan written on the canvas of time. The paint of a soul is the life lived.
Fear upon the gut hinders thankfulness where pleas for forgiveness establish a true heart.
Fear reveals regret testing resolve.
The mind of flesh denies spirit above carnal enjoyments. Control over the times of agonizing sorrows, hoping for our rest in Him, softens His wrath with mercy if our hearts are also tempered with mercy over those who would persecute us.
The breath of life exposes the moment by which we live. Fragile is the precarious path we walk. His nurturing indwelling spirit tests our resolve, while forgiving our misdeeds, and this is the blessings He gives.
Most precious is the life each of us lights up with. Tears to laughing exposes the depth of a soul. Without God eternity delivers only emptiness while the faithful inherit the true value of love.
200His shelter is the shield from sinful desires obtaining the inner peace of His Spirit.
The presence of the Lord is the Holy Spirit and can dwell in you if one accepts and obeys His word.
The Holy Spiritís goal is to bring souls to Christ.
His light so brilliant can barely be seen in the face of our darkness. Fearless are those careful enough to see Him and radiate the glory of His truth.
Found or lost defines life or death in living. To be alive is the quest all souls search to find. Godís call to faith extends grace to all who hear the suave of His word.
Unseen faith or tangible desires display in the character traits we choose to live by.
Worry and fear invades minds without the firm resolve to believe and practice His teachings wholeheartedly.
Human life is created for His pleasure, not for the suffering we endure but for the commitment to unselfishly live justly.
Worthy are any and all abilities given, if operated from a genuine heart, but dreadful for those misusing them to selfish ends.
Proficient skill only comes through great study, with insatiable perseverance to never quit, though weariness beats upon the flesh. Dedicated leadership advances all those who follow, where coattails do carry all others higher.
210Talents squandered or wasted abilities reach into so many countless insecure lives, where challenge has overwhelmed the responsibilities asked of us. Any effort is an accomplishment, over ignoring gifts given, to improve live lived. Success is a measure of force over mediocrity. Today is the day I resist sin from penetrating my heart, in His hands I trust.
Following self can be deceiving, with a complaining heart, without acknowledging His truth implanted upon ones spirit.
Godís word delivers our guide as a set pattern of sound doctrine creating a real relationship with God.
All dream for the easement of suffering and purpose in Him gives occasion to stand against that which cause us to suffer.
Procrastination leads to unrecoverable regrets if left to the flesh. Neglecting opportunities of spirit can only increase danger as the cliffs of old age approach.
One dead in sin denies the power of God to save while one dead to sin accepts the life He offers.
The power of man can only show weakness in surviving and if void of any regard for God, destruction is the natural course in a temporary universe. It is when we do not give God due control in our individual lives that desolation comes.
Most remain oblivious, where many just reject, while some hear and flee. Few stand fruitful finding patience through Him. Without action there is no result for each souls search to live.
From unbelievers to believers, most remain unsure, uncommitted, to a most urgent call to awaken in Him and find salvation from the destruction to come without Him.
Good rising from bad can only maintain itself if unending firm resolve withstands lures from the past.
220Attempts to wards off evil in a wicked world try the best of solid hearts. Oneís gaze determines a destiny of togetherness in Him or indulging dreadfully alone.
Exasperation is when patience is pushed over disgust and the monument of honor has no place.
Traits of noble patient compassion strongly hold to the wise in God, while folly slips through the life of desirous ignorant fools.
Anger hides in the bosom of a fool denying a watchful loving eye.
Accusations at times reveal a cowards outward claim to ignore inward flaws. Helping in the swirl stirs relief for the weary while evil tramples upon itself.
The cold pursuit of power over others deters a soul from finding warm humble service in Him.
People thrust God out of their hearts when desire outweighs thankfulness.
Sin entices seductively with an escape to empty pleasures.
Immorality is a prison of lawlessness and it increases as civilizations turn from regarding the will of God. The brink of destruction is upon all when those in authority refuse to maintain God commanded order.
The legacy a culture leaves for the next generation of children depends heavily upon its moral uprightness over the despicable caterings of the descending immoral that destroys all honor and nobility. Complacency has always been the killer of civilizations. Take heed, the godless eventually crumble to nothing.
230His word carries from one generation to the next revealing Christ. Godís own word finds murderous rejection on the earth.
The defense of a nation is worthless without the light of Godís truth as the guiding torch. Evil will succumb to its' own darkness.
Animosity enrages the weak finding no unity in His peace. Our own times expose road rage as the gauge. A helmet cannot substitute for a crown.
Attire of the soul is maintained by the desires of oneís spirit. He demands goodness over evil.
Decent attire shows respect for all that is considerate curtailing the lures of flesh causing souls to stumble in lust.
Devious deceptive conniving hypocrites, of dark hearts, show the light of their love behind scheming walls.
Anguish comes upon all as the natural condition of man is to condemn his own. God looks to heal the dirt that causes hurt bathing us in the brightness of His light.
Christ is our shield from the Satan Complex that each individual battles with; self-exaltation above all others.
Human leadership often comes up empty proudly looking to men and self rather than seeking the council of God. Everyoneís final judgment will be abrupt.
Time slips as water passes and for those that fill their buckets, they will be prepared for the sudden awakening all will face upon His judgment.
240Close to death realizes the panic of what has been neglected. His purpose is for us to stand with Him and not to crawl before Him in the fog of excuse.
Loneliness plagues all in different degrees and without a sincere bond with God there will be no union in His saving grace; eternal loneliness is where screams are not heard.
Challenge tempts the courageous in fear to continue alone. Preparation is key to achieve real accomplishment.
Genuine preparation for what awaits by true believers will justify us in His light.
Choice declares destiny whether ignoring truth or caring to know. To know Him is for Him to know you.
Ascension to heaven itself awaits for all those faithful who hope in the promise of the call.
God is the home of all who embrace His glory and acknowledge He is the life giving source. Those that exist foreign to His call or choose a path outside His Spirit will be left in the dark when the door closes.
Just a vapor of breath in life and all purpose vanishes away with only a memory left to inspire, or to curse, future ages of man. Ones choices tells of the legacy.
Indulging in a life of wickedness siphons to death while the righteous will rise to inherit eternity.
Eternity will end or begin for each soul in regards to if one did or did not do His will, in the temporal, upon the eternal call.
250The end of flesh reveals the beginning of divine life for all those that hold righteous to His call, rejoicing.
Judgment will reveal all deeds, bare all secrets, and hear all pleas, as the most real event of our lives.
Warnings ignored receive tragic results as the dust of broken hearts settle. We must heed His final of all final warnings to hear Him. Come, hear His call, and open your heart to know His love.
There will be no disciples of men in which we are judged as it will be Christ each soul will reconcile to.

The arm of our liberty is broken off and itsí torch is smoldering upon the shore of our destruction. Will Americans heed the call of God to return, or has lust and adultery of selfish hearts so consumed us that only hell lays before our children without parents? Without discerning souls holding to the strength of Godís own noble truths, complacency assures oblivion for generations to come. Histories spectacle clamors for us all to hear of past implosions due to excessive self-indulgence, to the good of no one. I pray, and so should we ALL stand up and unite, in the One God of our salvation. Pray God help us.

Thank you for reading these definitive statements that I have taken care in writing. God be with us.
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