The works I have done here will hopefully inspire, convince, and or change attitudes and understandings, assisting all that would be beneficial. Man has always tried to beat submission upon the poor seeking to be free. If civilization is to climb, the bottom of greedy oppression must be put behind or brought to light, and continue to pursue the stringent will to convert to a higher goodness under such domination. Dreams are an aspiration for our children to live in a more peaceful land of opportunity. Unfortunately, bigots and perverts rule over all the injustice. Perhaps only a dream and hope of the simple hearted, but without such fortitude to improve, oblivion's heartlessness remains upon us. Will love conquer hate, or the reverse which stagnates? Only hope and especially prayer may be what will bring change to a weary people, and planet, under such a despicable siege.

Upon the many webpage, PowerPoint, sermons I have constructed over the years, I have always included some darkness incantation; that is how this collection all started. Since beginning with this collection, it has become somewhat of a hobby to write more of these defining expressions. And so I present the following in progress compilation on Darkness in hopes that we see the Light, AMEN.

Many are just whimsical jargons, while others are spot on.
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Darkness has no revealing dawn
Darkness, oh darkness, how art thou able to see?
Darkness in itself is dark
Darkness has no vision
Darkness has no visible path
Darkness remains unclear
Darkness has no source
Darkness has nothing visible to take reference from
Darkness is dead to anything seen
Darkness remains where the blind have no vision
Darkness is when a world of wonder that cannot be seen
Darkness has no clear window or sky to wonder upon
Darkness poises upon a dark ground with no rising sky
Darkness has no window to see
Darkness has a passing of all that has disappeared
Darkness cannot find a walking path
Darkness cannot see what is crooked
Darkness defeats one's ability to see
Darkness ends where light begins
Darkness is a tunnel with no light at the end
Darkness begins where light is not regarded
Darkness is a horse with no shoe
Darkness cannot declare anything straight
Darkness is when crooked is made deceptively straight
Darkness draws the line to nowhere
Darkness has no recognizable geometry
Darkness is upon the face of this universe
Darkness rides the celestial orb of nothing
Darkness is what the universe falls forward into as it regenerates
Darkness and light holds all that is eccentric
Darkness is all is theory in a disintegrating universe
Darkness is what pulls the speed of light forward creating time
Darkness allows light to expand
Darkness is when science dissects reality into fantasy
Darkness is when fantasy is more desirable than reality
Darkness is when fantasy and reality are folds in the same garment of obscurity
Darkness is when delusional fantasies rule over everyday reality
Darkness is when lunacy is taken as reality
Darkness is when fantasy divides denying reality
Darkness is when conjecture paints alternate realities that will never be
Darkness favors forever unrealistic venues avoiding plain truth
Darkness is catering the lies to false imaginary truths
Darkness is the foolish notion life will continue and flourish on Mars
Darkness is not believing in impossible dreams
Darkness is denying the whole of instantaneous space is NOW
Darkness is that imaginary time separates previous distant spaces
Darkness is when science believes NOW has detached moments
Darkness is denning the front of light connects to the back of light
Darkness as absolute cannot sense back from front
Darkness has nowhere to lead to
Darkness has no pool to dive into
Darkness has the dazzle of dazed nowhere
Darkness maintains a condition of blindness
Darkness' cover is the gloominess of blindness
Darkness carries nothing to see
Darkness carries unresolved guilt
Darkness is the guilt that buries a soul
Darkness is exalted through excessive guilt or self-proclaimed virtues
Darkness is heads buried in the sand unable to look up to the truth
Darkness is when conscience is not free to explore
Darkness is when conscience has no God given moral restraints
Darkness is where freedom has no place
Darkness understands not why light is
Darkness engages when light is lost
Darkness has only the clarity of nothing
Darkness is lost for any clarity
Darkness is lost to all that is
Darkness is a result of lost in indecision
Darkness breaks over what is lost
Darkness is the truth of nothing
Darkness is on the brink of nothing
Darkness stings by the shock of nothing
Darkness is the sting of not having
Darkness is the purgatory of waiting without having
Darkness is when nothing is clear
Darkness is only clear about what is unknown
Darkness is larger than can be known
Darkness is small aside Lightís brilliance
Darkness carries the wind of not knowing
Darkness has nothing to fade upon
Darkness is the totality of nothing
Darkness is immersed in an ocean that cannot see
Darkness has nothing certain to care for in sightlessness
Darkness is only certain of its' uncertainty
Darkness has an empty foundation
Darkness steers upon a weak truthless foundation
Darkness stings the eye without sight
Darkness has the look of terrified closed eyes
Darkness is where eyes lose their glow
Darkness at its brightest is nothing
Darkness believes it is the brightest thing going
Darkness comes together where worthlessness shines
Darkness renders nothing to offer
Darkness has nothing to rise to
Darkness is left in its' own oblivion
Darkness squirms in its' own oblivion
Darkness holds one word: Empty
Darkness has no word for true
Darkness renders a blank absence
Darkness has one truth called absence
Darkness is filled with all that is absent
Darkness is an empty field with no flowers
Darkness holds an irretrievable absence
Darkness holds no truth other than the absence of light
Darkness denies the truth of light
Darkness denies the light
Darkness denies there is anything to be missed
Darkness holds attitudes of denial
Darkness lurks in the absence of light
Darkness is in the absence of His light
Darkness has the absence of all sweet smells
Darkness is when the fragrance of life has no scent
Darkness is where absence takes over
Darkness is the payment for absence of light
Darkness seals the deepest trap removing all light
Darkness misses what it had in the light
Darkness misses what light understands
Darkness only involves the destruction of light
Darkness searches for what it cannot find
Darkness seeks and cannot find
Darkness stretches searching for what is long lost
Darkness is not finding what is lost
Darkness cannot forget what it is not
Darkness often ponders lingering on what it cannot have
Darkness can only dream of what it is not
Darkness only offers all that cannot be found
Darkness cannot see the tears it sheds
Darkness can only reveal what it does not have
Darkness cannot say goodbye to what it does not have
Darkness has no welcome beacon
Darkness consumes all those who refuse to see
Darkness has no face to see
Darkness can only suffer in not seeing
Darkness suffers with no place to hide
Darkness can be abhorrently seen in the heart of evil
There is no heart in darkness
Darkness haunts an empty heart
Darkness blinds one's vision to see what is murderously cold
Darkness comes in a cold breathless mist
Darkness is a show of all that is cold
Darkness is somewhere below cold
Darkness has no flavor but the crunch of ice
Darkness is where it is easy to be cold
Darkness can remain stagnant in a windless blow
Darkness swirls easily on the cold it blows
Darkness is where cold has no warmth
Darkness is devoid of heat
Darkness where the comfort of heat surrenders to cold
Darkness is where light's emancipation has no friction
Darkness has the warmth of winter's frozen cold
Darkness is the cold of dead space
Darkness holds the edge of empty space
Darkness rips across the cold anchors of space
Darkness is the edge of space where no life lives
Darknessí worst aspect is the absence of light
Darkness is the edge before seeing the light
Darkness fills the void with unnoticeable microscopic particles
Darkness is that earth hangs on nothing solid
Darkness lies below the event horizon as the quantum foundation
Darkness is the quantum foundation's bottom engagement with loss of light
Darkness crashes below the boundary of light
Darkness is the burnt chasm of empty space
Darkness remains at the front of a Black-Hole
Darkness detaches at the rear of a Black-Hole allowing light flow creating time
Darkness surrounds the earth awaiting enlightenment
Darkness plunges in the depths below what is above
Darkness devours all above from below
Darkness exists below all that is heavy
Darkness has the bellowing of what is dragged under
Darkness is a stomach punch puking on nothing
Darkness wreaks upon a dry heaving vomitless stomach
Darkness casts a twist on a stomach of vomit
Darkness is a heart puking on its' own tears
Darkness has an ugly gut wrenching blast
Darkness swirls with touchy stomach jitters
Darkness is a stomach that fails to eat with pleasure
Darkness is when the stomach has no flavor for life
Darkness unveils all that is retched
Darkness has nothing to explain intelligence, absent of wisdom
Darkness dwells not in the psychic library of truth
Darkness is the adventure of embracing nothing honest
Darkness, somewhere below empty, has less than nothing
Darkness holds the brilliance of nothing that remains
Darkness is in command of all that is empty
Darkness' deepest part is nothing
Darkness can only hide nothing
Darkness maintains a silence of nothing
Darkness swells in the heart of nothing
Darkness brings light to nothing
Darkness abandons the light
Darkness opens to a road of nothing
Darkness leads where nothing follows
Darkness is there in the misery of nothing
Darkness suffers with the bottom of nothing
Darkness defines the bottom of nothing
Darkness is where feelings mean nothing
Darkness has nothing to offer
Darkness extends where nothing grows
Darkness has nothing to grow into
Darkness has nothing real to steal
Darkness steals leaving only hurt
Darkness is where there is nothing grateful
Darkness leaves nothing to turn on
Darkness has nothing that comes after
Darkness cannot see itself where nothing is seen
Darkness has no corner
Darkness remains the same with no corner to turn
Darkness cannot hide where no corners can be found
Darkness pierces where all corners have no paint
Darkness hides from the light in its' own darkness
Darkness turns from the light
Darkness turns away from the light
Darkness is when the light no longer lights
Darkness resides where all has been stripped bare
Darkness shoots into the emptiness of nothing
Darkness has nothing to come together with
Darkness has nothing to hook on to
Darkness can only understand nothing greater
Darkness has nothing to hope for
Darkness has no hope
Darkness crushes hope
Darkness pulls all hope away
Darkness is when fear overwhelms hope
Darkness is when evil imposes fear attempting to crush hope
Darkness is the ice of fear that kills the fire of hope
Darkness is lost hope
Darkness is when life has lost all hope
Darkness is the abandoned fire trails of uplifting hope to the past
Darkness is where belief has turned aside to pessimism
Darkness is the disaster of a hopeless life
Darkness is where no dream lashes one on
Darkness has no shooting star to wish upon
Darkness is lonely hearts with no hope
Darkness' greatest hardship is no hope
Darkness is when one man's hope is discarded
Darkness can have a hard wind to come out of
Darkness' only redemption is to regain a soul of truth
Darkness is the prison of self, excluding all others
Darkness is blind mired within the walls of emotional isolation
Darkness is a blind tyrant solely bent on hate, envy, and unadulterated lust
Darkness is when one is addicted to destructive attractions
Darkness is for those emotional wounds that fail to heal
Darkness holds no regrets for those things one has done wrong
Darkness had no enlightening charge
Darkness has nothing to watch
Darkness has nothing to compare itself to
Darkness has nothing to miss, but even for a tear
Darkness is unseen tears behind closed hearts
Darkness is an unavoidable life filled with the tears of pain
Darkness is where tears are the only comfort
Darkness is when no one cries
Darkness squeals on the cliff to destruction
Darkness invades the heavy hearts where destruction twists
Darkness is a dimming cascade from the bright innocent light it once was
Darkness has nothing underneath
Darkness is when no luck charms
Darkness advances under the horror of gloom
Darkness surrenders to gloom
Darkness is leaving the sunshine to the shadows of gloom
Darkness is the heaviness of looming doom
Darkness is a child that wants to die more than to live
Darkness always anticipates the worst
Darkness is a staircase that only descends
Darkness is a violent thunderstorm descending
Darkness is when nails meant to hold give away
Darkness is when screws rip through the shreds of disaster
Darkness is the punch of wind's unquenchable voracity
Darkness is when the houses of man crumble
Darkness is the rotting of all that is material
Darkness consumes light as its' last meal
Darkness is a meal that has no sustenance
Darkness has hunger where there is no food
Darkness is the disintegration of all that is cohesive
Darkness has no shelter
Darkness has no sanctuary
Darkness has no cover
Darkness can cover no wounds
Darkness only uncovers her colorless veil
Darkness hides behind a colorless veil
Darkness has no glow
Darkness has no luster
Darkness has no shine
Darkness shines no color
Darkness has nothing new
Darkness comes without the pale of shine
Darkness comes on a moonless night
Darkness is a mirror with no reflection
Darkness is a soul whose mirror has no true reflection
Darkness is when one cannot see through the mirror of wisdom
Darkness is a window that has no reflection
Darkness has no reflection
Darkness is where no reflection is left to see
Darkness has not a glimmer
Darkness has no care for light
Darkness has no regard for light
Darkness separates from the light
Darkness has no sight of what is behind
Darkness holds no contentment
Darkness is where black has no color
Darkness below black has no sense
Darkness searches for colors it cannot find
Darkness blazes upon a colorless horizon
Darkness has a colorless extent
Darkness has no hint of color
Darkness does not see the color in the canvas of time
Darkness only has a changeless color of what is darkest
Darkness has no shadow
Darkness creeps in the shadowless abyss
Darkness longs for even half a shadow
Darkness wallows in the fire of loss
Darkness has no spark
Darkness has no praise
Darkness has no promise
Darkness has no promise of light
Darkness has no liberation without light
Darkness has no reviving power in itself
Darkness has no belonging
Darkness has no definite focus
Darkness comes by the lack of focus
Darkness has nowhere to believe
Darkness hinges on nowhere to go
Darkness has no contemplation
Darkness has no expression of saving grace
Darkness is absent of the hope grace is to bring
Darkness has no stop signs; there is nowhere to go
Darkness knows nowhere to stop without sense
Darkness has no place to go
Darkness has nowhere to move from
Darkness has no place where something is
Darkness has no available engaging game
Darkness has no anchor to grab
Darkness has no root to rise from
Darkness has no recognizable core
Darkness' deepest core is worthless
Darkness has no intersection
Darkness has no rising season
Darkness has no notice
Darkness can suddenly appear without notice
Darkness often yields up with no notice
Darkness can come in a terrifying flash
Darkness is when misery abruptly comes
Darkness is where pleasure suddenly turns to grief
Darkness is not being ready and coming up late
Darkness is when shocking fright stops a heart
Darkness has no one to lead ahead
Darkness has no real place to endure
Darkness is in the wrong place for light
Darkness has an eerie sense of nowhere
Darkness has an eerie destination of nowhere
Darkness gouges to the deepest part of nowhere
Darkness has nowhere to pierce
Darkness holds flightless arrows
Darkness has no senses
In darkness there is no sense
Darkness consumes the sense of light
Darkness goes against the light
Darkness has no gift of meaning
Darkness has no understanding
Darkness has no understanding of light
Darkness is not wanting the understanding of light
Darkness has no trace of what is right
Darkness is not knowing right from wrong
Darkness cannot recognize right from wrong
Darkness has no lasting destiny
Darkness harps on all that pierces against peace
Darkness strings no goodness heard
Darkness has no whistle
Darkness has noiseless silence
Darkness has an insidious silence
Darkness blasts the sound of silence
Darkness has the still of silence
Darkness swirls in the silence
Darkness has no sense of what is sound
Darkness has no sound to hear
Darkness searches for sounds it cannot find
Darkness has no motivating thunder clap
Darkness howls for it has none
Darkness has no song to be heard
Darkness is the song of a heavy heart
Darkness is a heavy burden
Darkness only sees wingless anchors
Darkness rides close to every mortal heart
Darkness is misfortune comes upon all mortal
Darkness often slips in at the most inopportune time causing needs not to be met
Darkness plays the music of misery
Darkness resides where songs cause sorrow of heart
Darkness plays the music of violence and hate
Darkness sings vulgar blues without love
Darkness is a little violin with annoying strings
Darkness runs endlessly with bleeders seeking sympathy
Darkness plays the music of silence
Darkness empties into the music of nowhere
Darkness has a lonely music-less sting
Darkness is the lost chords of music
Darkness is once heard distant music that no longer charms
Darkness digs at the stunning songs lost to yesterday
Darkness is a heavenly poem's unheard song
Darkness plays the music of what is not heavenly heard
Darkness cannot hear the music of love
Darkness divides all hearts that cannot hear truth
Darkness approaches by the creaking decay we all hear
Darkness sings a song without diamonds
Darkness is the pounding woofing speakers of hate
Darkness has no ears
Darkness is a tongue without ears
Darkness is when one mouth does not see two ears
Darkness has nowhere to dance
Darkness is when the honeymoon music is over
Darkness' anthem is silence
Darkness is when relationships are broken
Darkness is when man uses God for gain abusing His call to service
Darkness is claiming to understand God's Word so as to condemn others
Darkness is declaring Godís judgment before God does
Darkness is where religious extremists divide community
Darkness is when the Word of God is not the core of personal truth
Darkness is when instructed to follow the church and not the Word
Darkness is when one claims their faith is better than your faith
Darkness emanates from those who claim your faith is not good enough
Darkness is where intolerance condemns true beliefs others maintain
Darkness is when zealous religious thoughts overtake intelligent sense
Darkness is when the world's hypocrisy just continues in the so called house of God
Darkness is responding to an afternoon call just past midnight
Darkness comes in the night with no day ahead
Darkness is all the religions of man sinking on sand
Darkness is seeking to represent God in the material
Darkness of deception comes when exalting men over God
Darkness is where those believe man is the greatest life can offer
Darkness comes to those who never believe
Darkness is not holding to the courage of faith as God instructs
Darkness is where the faithless invite the abandonment of God
Darkness dwells upon the faithless of heart
Darkness is when the significance of Christ is watered down
Darkness is when one fails to acknowledge ownership belongs to God
Darkness awaits the ignition of God's own judgment
Darkness falls on a people who abandon God
Darkness is the departure from God
Darkness is when religion is nothing but a club
Darkness is claiming worship in spirit and truth while deception and lies prevail
Darkness is hating the truth for the engagements of deception
Darkness rejects the kindness of humble truth preferring deception
Darkness' disease is in superstation and truthless human doctrine
Darkness is when the people are no longer able to seize upon the truth
Darkness is feasting in mankind over godliness
Darkness is removed from all that is holy
Darkness is a choice in denial of the truth
Darkness is heaven's gate to the light
Darkness is not seeing heaven as the final airport
Darkness is a test of returning to the light
Darkness is blaming God for allowing choice between good and evil
Darkness is rejecting God for allowing choice between good and evil
Darkness is not seeing the freedom God gives in His own image
Darkness is God's test to see what we do without Him
Darkness is a test of spirit to endure without
Darkness is a test of true desire
Darkness can be a plow of unending endurance
Darkness is best seen through coming out of it
Darkness comes to light when we see our mistakes
Darkness only finds deliverance when is left behind
Darkness is superseded by igniting a sharing heart in pursuit of good works
Darkness is when one avoids pursuits of improvement
Darkness dwindles as thoughts rise in truth's purity
Darkness cannot defeat the joy of innocent enthusiasm
Darkness is when unjust criticisms stifle enthusiasm
Darkness comes by unjustified criticism
Darkness rings when those accuse you of being deficient in life
Darkness is those that insult you for no reason
Darkness is the ridicule handed down by the pompous
Darkness rises upon the honest where small delusional souls declare greatness
Darkness is the piousness of superior people who judge you
Darkness is when one's simple existence is not good enough
Darkness is more judgmental than evaluative
Darkness is the proud voicing condemnation upon the righteous
Darkness is repeating the limited vocabulary of primadonnas
Darkness is when laughter comes from the shadows of ridicule
Darkness is when men wish to dominate over assist
Darkness is the example of what it is to lose light
Darkness is a sign of what without light becomes the greatest loss
Darkness advances as streaks of light flee
Darkness has no legacy in the light
Darkness is denying belief in the light that gives life
Darkness is the womb mortal life rises out of
Darkness is where the heart has lost touch with the light
Darkness removes itself from the guidance of light
Darkness misses the journey of light
Darkness cannot reach the heights of bliss
Darkness discards the skills of growing in the light
Darkness' only opportunity is to reach out for the light
Darkness has no pleasure in the rising of lightís truth
Darkness can only find rescue in the light of truth
Darkness attempts its piercing from the outside to extinguish one's inner light
Darkness cannot harm those that believe in the light
Darkness sees not the value of light
Darkness has no power over the light of tomorrow
Darkness cannot overtake the power of Godís Light
Darkness is the worship of dead glittering objects
Darkness is where man associates isolated places as holy
Darkness does not accept the respect for life
Darkness has little about nothing
Darkness always comes too early and leaves too late
Darkness often arrives early and departs late
Darkness has no adequate expression to describe itself
Darkness is not light

There are many facets in life that define the times in which one lives; what we remember, forget, and pursue, before leaving in the mist of dust. I have written many things over the years, yet to finalize, in my hopeful publishing efforts. All glory belongs to God allowing us to live.

Credibility often comes after disbelief coincides with propositions that would challenge convention, and what must one do to find worth and acceptance in such a world of rejection and condemnation as this? With my only feedback as criticisms and dismissals from the ingenuine, and or business' deceptively attempting to expand their internet linking influence, with no reciprocal sincere acknowledgement, my desire to continually update is weakly here as a gasp upon near failure. How shallow we have become as a people rising as we descend into the darkness. Where can true freedom be found? Rhetorical but love is the only release to where freedom's womb resides.

Simply, I believe we exist on and in a micro and macro quantum foundation of darkness which supports the light that flows into it. "Let there be Light" had to have this void to fill reality as we have come to know it.   I coin the term Blackyon in a tantalizing attempt to adress reality.
Outside Light Without an exact definition of the quantum of creation, science will fail to deliver technological innovations yet to be. Utilizing the mathematics and physics of NOW derived from beyond will yield what is spectacularly short of miraculous. Location of time has exact focus.

A much more adequate and extensive analysis of Darkness manuscript has been constructed. Currently these quotes have grown to over 4,500, and increasing. They have been extensively edited and appropriately indexed, as shown below in the sample reference table, which is operational on my master copy. I look forward to bringing this work to light.




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