Upon the many webpage, PowerPoint, sermons I have constructed over the years, I have always included some darkness incantation. And so I present the following compilation on Darkness in hopes that we see the Light, AMEN. * Please read note at bottom of this list.

Darkness has no dawn
Darkness, oh darkness, how art thou able to see?
Darkness in itself is dark
Darkness has no vision
Darkness has no visible path
Darkness remains unclear
Darkness has nothing visible to take from
Darkness is dead to anything seen
Darkness remains where the blind have no vision
Darkness is when a world of wonder that cannot be seen
Darkness has a passing of all that has disappeared
Darkness cannot find a walking path
Darkness cannot see what is crooked
Darkness defeats one’s ability to see
Darkness is a tunnel with no light at the end
Darkness is a horse with no shoe
Darkness cannot declare anything straight
Darkness is when crooked is made straight
Darkness draws the line to nowhere
Darkness has no recognizable geometry
Darkness is what the universe falls forward into as it regenerates
Darkness is all is theory in a disintegrating universe
Darkness cannot sense back from front
Darkness has nowhere to lead to
Darkness has no pool to dive into
Darkness has the dazzle of dazed nowhere
Darkness maintains a condition of blindness
Darkness' cover is the gloominess of blindness
Darkness carries nothing to see
Darkness carries unresolved guilt
Darkness understands not why light is
Darkness engages when light is lost
Darkness has only the clarity of nothing
Darkness is lost for any clarity
Darkness is lost to all that is
Darkness is a result of lost in indecision
Darkness breaks over what is lost
Darkness is the truth of nothing
Darkness is on the brink of nothing
Darkness stings by the shock of nothing
Darkness is the sting of not having
Darkness is when nothing is clear
Darkness is only clear about what is unknown
Darkness carries the wind of not knowing
Darkness has nothing to fade upon
Darkness is the totality of nothing
Darkness is immersed in an ocean that cannot see
Darkness has nothing certain to care for in sightlessness
Darkness is only certain of its’ uncertainty
Darkness stings the eye without sight
Darkness has the look of closed eyes
Darkness at its brightest is nothing
Darkness believes it is the brightest thing going
Darkness renders nothing to offer
Darkness has nothing to rise to
Darkness is left in its’ own oblivion
Darkness squirms in its' own oblivion
Darkness holds one word: Empty
Darkness has no word for true
Darkness renders a blank absence
Darkness has one truth called absence
Darkness is filled with all that is absent
Darkness holds no truth other than the absence of light
Darkness denies the truth of light
Darkness denies the light
Darkness denies there is anything to be missed
Darkness holds attitudes of denial
Darkness lurks in the absence of light
Darkness is in the absence of His light
Darkness has the absence of all smell
Darkness is where absence takes over
Darkness is the payment for absence of light
Darkness seals the trap removing all light
Darkness misses what it had in the light
Darkness misses what light understands
Darkness searches for what it cannot find
Darkness stretches searching for what is long lost
Darkness cannot forget what it is not
Darkness often ponders on what it cannot have
Darkness can only dream of what it is not
Darkness offers all that cannot be found
Darkness cannot see the tears it sheds
Darkness can only reveal what it does not have
Darkness cannot say goodbye to what it does not have
Darkness consumes all those who refuse to see
Darkness has no face to see
Darkness can only suffer to see
Darkness suffers with no place to hide
Darkness can be seen in the heart of evil
There is no heart in darkness
Darkness haunts an empty heart
Darkness blinds one’s vision to see what is cold
Darkness is a show of all that is cold
Darkness is somewhere below cold
Darkness has no flavor but ice
Darkness is where it is easy to be cold
Darkness swirls easily on the cold it blows
Darkness is where cold has no warmth
Darkness is devoid of heat
Darkness has the warmth of winter cold
Darkness is the cold of dead space
Darkness devours all above from below
Darkness has the bellowing of what is dragged under
Darkness is a stomach punch puking on nothing
Darkness has an ugly gut wrenching blast
Darkness swirls with touchy stomach jitters
Darkness is a stomach that fails to eat with pleasure
Darkness unveils all that is retched
Darkness has nothing to explain absent of wisdom
Darkness is the adventure of embracing nothing
Darkness, somewhere below empty, has less than nothing
Darkness is in command of all that is empty
Darkness' deepest part is nothing
Darkness can only hide nothing
Darkness maintains a silence of nothing
Darkness swells in the heart of nothing
Darkness brings light to nothing
Darkness abandons the light
Darkness opens to a road of nothing
Darkness leads where nothing follows
In darkness there is the misery of nothing
Darkness suffers with the bottom of nothing
Darkness defines the bottom of nothing
Darkness is where feelings mean nothing
Darkness has nothing to offer
Darkness extends where nothing grows
Darkness has nothing to grow into
Darkness has nothing to steal
Darkness steals leaving only hurt
In darkness there is nothing grateful
Darkness leaves nothing to turn on
Darkness has nothing that comes after
Darkness cannot see itself where nothing is seen
Darkness has no corner
Darkness remains the same with no corner to turn
Darkness cannot hide where no corners can be found
Darkness turns from the light
Darkness turns away from the light
Darkness is when the light no longer lights
Darkness resides where all has been stripped bare
Darkness shoots into the emptiness of nothing
Darkness has nothing to come together with
Darkness has nothing to hook on to
Darkness can only understand nothing
Darkness has nothing to hope for
Darkness has no hope
Darkness crushes hope
Darkness pulls all hope away
Darkness is when fear overwhelms hope
Darkness is lost hope
Darkness is when life has lost all hope
Darkness is the disaster of a hopeless life
Darkness is where no dream lashes one on
Darkness has no shooting star to wish upon
Darkness is lonely hearts with no hope
Darkness’ greatest hardship is no hope
Darkness can have a hard wind to come out of
Darkness is the prison of self excluding all others
Darkness is blind mired within the walls of emotional isolation
Darkness is when one is addicted to destructive attractions
Darkness is for those emotional wounds that fail to heal
Darkness is no regrets for those we have done wrong
Darkness had no enlightening charge
Darkness has nothing to watch
Darkness has nothing to compare itself to
Darkness has nothing to miss, even but for a tear
Darkness is unseen tears
Darkness is where tears are the only comfort
Darkness has nothing underneath
Darkness advances under the horror of gloom
Darkness surrenders to gloom
Darkness is a thunderstorm descending
Darkness has no shelter
Darkness has no sanctuary
Darkness has no cover
Darkness can cover no wounds
Darkness uncovers her colorless veil
Darkness has no glow
Darkness has no luster
Darkness has no shine
Darkness shines no color
Darkness has nothing new
Darkness comes without the pale of shine
Darkness comes on a moonless night
Darkness is a mirror with no reflection
Darkness is a window that has no reflection
Darkness has no reflection
Darkness is where no reflection is left to see
Darkness has not a glimmer
Darkness has no care for light
Darkness has no regard for light
Darkness separates from the light
Darkness has no sight of what is behind
Darkness is where black has no color
Darkness below black has no sense
Darkness searches for colors it cannot find
Darkness blazes upon a colorless horizon
Darkness has a colorless extent
Darkness has no hint of color
Darkness has a changeless color of what is darkest
Darkness has no shadow
Darkness creeps in the shadowless abyss
Darkness longs for half a shadow
Darkness wallows in the fire of loss
Darkness has no spark
Darkness has no praise
Darkness has no promise
Darkness has no promise of light
Darkness has no liberation
Darkness has no reviving power
Darkness has no belonging
Darkness has no definite focus
Darkness has nowhere to believe
Darkness hinges on nowhere to go
Darkness has no contemplation
Darkness has no expression of grace
Darkness yields up no notice
Darkness has no stop signs; there is nowhere to go
Darkness knows nowhere to stop
Darkness has no place to go
Darkness has nowhere to move from
Darkness has no place where something is
Darkness has no available game
Darkness has no anchor
Darkness has no root
Darkness has no core
Darkness’ deepest core is worthless
Darkness has no intersection
Darkness has no rising season
Darkness has no notice
Darkness has no one to lead
Darkness has no place to endure
Darkness is in the wrong place
Darkness has an eerie sense of nowhere
Darkness has an eerie destination of nowhere
Darkness gouges to the deepest part of nowhere
Darkness has nowhere to pierce
Darkness holds flightless arrows
Darkness has no senses
In darkness there is no sense
Darkness consumes the sense of light
Darkness has no gift of meaning
Darkness has no understanding
Darkness has no understanding of light
Darkness is not understanding the light
Darkness has no trace of what is right
Darkness is not knowing right from wrong
Darkness has no destiny
Darkness harps on all that pierces against peace
Darkness strings no goodness
Darkness has no whistle
Darkness has noiseless silence
Darkness has an insidious silence
Darkness blasts the sound of silence
Darkness has the still of silence
Darkness has no sound of sense
Darkness has no sound to hear
Darkness searches for sounds it cannot find
Darkness has no thunder clap
Darkness howls for it has none
Darkness has no song to be heard
Darkness is the song of a heavy heart
Darkness is a heavy burden
Darkness only sees wingless anchors
Darkness rides close to every mortal heart
Darkness sings blues without love
Darkness plays the music of misery
Darkness is a little violin with annoying strings
Darkness plays the music of silence
Darkness empties into the music of nowhere
Darkness has a lonely music-less sting
Darkness is the lost chords of music
Darkness plays the music of what is not heavenly heard
Darkness has nowhere to dance
Darkness' anthem is silence
Darkness listens to trembling silence
Darkness sings of what it cannot hear
Darkness hurts for the music it cannot hear
Darkness is where no soothing harp is heard
Darkness is where the pounding music of silence tortures the spirit
Darkness is where thunder has no sound
Darkness is the music one cannot hear
Darkness is where no one can hear
Darkness remains for all those that do not hear
Darkness has thunderous echoing silence
Darkness pledges to an echoless chasm
Darkness has no harmony of motion
Silence is part of the deep hole of darkness
Darkness holds a lonely hole of what is gone
Darkness is a hole with no escape
Darkness is when hope has all but evaporated
Darkness looms where the song is bottomless
Darkness has a sinking emptiness
Darkness sinks endlessly
Darkness sinks into what it cannot find
Darkness climbs to what will never be found
Darkness is a broken ladder with the roof out of reach
Darkness can only find the mountain of a ditch
Darkness is when valleys have mountainous landslides
Darkness struggles to find any crevasse of light
Darkness drills on what cannot be found
Darkness hangs on what cannot be dressed
Darkness falls upon hearts when worldly cares knock
Darkness is the poverty that reigns over the whole world
Darkness is a world divided
Darkness is a world spit apart by those that hate
Darkness is neighbors that want you to move
Darkness is when poverty finds no contentment
Darkness is the loss of care for simple little free things
Darkness is when debts steal peace of heart
Darkness is when one cannot pay the bill
Darkness holds all that is down hearted
Darkness is where the rich oppress the poor
Darkness is where there is no gifts to give
Darkness falls where there is no place
Darkness falls into the black abyss
Darkness is where the fall has no bottom
Darkness reaches down to the bottom
Darkness is revealed from the bottom of the pit
Darkness drops past a pit to nowhere
Darkness endlessly falls into nowhere
Darkness is an endless crumbling to nowhere
Darkness brings excitement to an end
Darkness is trouble with no end
Darkness has no end
Darkness rides on the heels of nowhere
The spiral of darkness takes one nowhere
Darkness is loaded with empty shots
Darkness carves through all that is empty
Darkness conveys all that is empty
Darkness hides in the emptiness of itself
Darkness hides in the dark as darkness does
Darkness hides behind what cripples it
Darkness hides behind what is gone
Darkness hides an unseen face
Darkness hides in the halls of hidden sin
Darkness denies what can not be seen
Darkness waits for an unseen sign
Darkness is waiting for what will never come
Darkness’ closest enemy is waiting
Darkness has no patience
Darkness drips to all unseen sands
Darkness is a spiral that has no syphon
Darkness drains to all that has no flow
Darkness sees no mountain top or river deep
Darkness is a flat mountain with no rise
Darkness only leaves emptiness in its’ wake
Darkness' emptiness burns those who touch it
Darkness perhaps is the greatest emptiness
Darkness has no presence in His light
Darkness has a mysterious absence of all
Darkness has the wind of terror
Darkness seizes upon the heart of terror
Darkness has a heart of isolation
Darkness has loneliness without blue's hue
Darkness is time neglected
Darkness is missing the moment
Darkness has a chilling absence of meaningful time
Darkness is a corner without time’s angle
Darkness retreats into the vacuum of time
Darkness is where time devours all substance
Darkness of yesterday turns to the light of tomorrow
Darkness sees the crumbling of creaking time
Darkness is all the evil deeds done across time’s disintegration
Darkness’ vile nakedness displays respectlessness in evil’s desires
Darkness is an ocean larger than time
In darkness, time holds no truth
Darkness excludes all that is real
Darkness renders no true purpose
Darkness is when truth is discarded
Darkness is left for all that is discarded
Darkness is when truth is discarded to the ashes of deceit
Darkness comes by the way of deceit
Darkness is where treachery steals the journey of honesty
Darkness can only be beaten by the courage to be honest
Darkness is the mantle left behind for shattered rags
Darkness is where courage to be honest is lost
Darkness is where complacency devours the courageous
Darkness is where honor has lost her luster
Darkness is where integrity is abandoned
Darkness is held in a lock without a key
Darkness is when the keys to truth are locked away
Darkness is a people no longer able to speak truth
Darkness writes off light
Darkness hates the light of truth
Darkness is where people hate the truth
Darkness is where the light of truth is hated
Darkness is the truth deceivers claim to know
Darkness is those who claim truth without knowing
Darkness is not knowing
Darkness is where fools rule over the complacent wise
Darkness is when people lose their care for one another
Darkness is when one loses the ability to care
Darkness is when the seams of society fail
Darkness is the landfill of disposable lives
Darkness is where imagination has no quest
Darkness is missed opportunities
Darkness is where encouragement is not widespread
Darkness holds all the unfinished works of dead experts
Darkness is when yesterday’s heroes become todays monsters
Darkness is when arguments are greater than accomplishments
Darkness is the convolution of knowledge that kills the poets
Darkness is not being able to challenge what would be better
Darkness is when more condemnations are heard over commendations
Darkness is the ignorance of where innovations become destructive
Darkness is where weapons take precedence over tools
Darkness lacks understanding consequences for actions wrought
Darkness is mankind’s stumble in not learning from experience
Darkness is when there are more irresponsible than responsible
Darkness increases when accountability is no longer regarded
Darkness is when common sense has lost its social wisdom
Darkness is civilization bent against itself
Darkness is a world left to unsolvable troubles
Darkness is where the people allow political mediocrity
Darkness is a government devised against the common citizen
Darkness is when lawyers tell the guilty to plead innocence
Darkness is our failed leaders fail to empower us
Darkness is when corruption has no restraints
Darkness is when banks loan imaginary money for their benefit
Darkness is reinstituted property taxes the tea party freed us from
Darkness is when humanity is divided by national borders
Darkness is not all is on the Internet
Darkness is the cocoon of isolationists that destroy societies
Darkness is a heartless human garbage disposal drain
Darkness is just staying alive in a crooked generation
Darkness is inadvertently being in the middle of a drug deal
Darkness is being a witness to a violent SWAT bust
Darkness’ plummet to earth can be disturbingly hard
Darkness is where force has no understanding
Darkness fades below the stars of truth
Darkness is not telling the truth because you are afraid
Darkness is when bravery to tell truth has vanished
Darkness is the fence that blocks truth
Darkness bites you for expressing truth
Darkness is when the truth hurts
Darkness is when pride blocks truth
Darkness’ best friend is a complainer who does nothing
Darkness is no darker than when the truth is ignored
Darkness is being condemned for telling the truth
Darkness is when what is serious is not taken seriously
Darkness is where awareness rejects truisms
Darkness hides in a cowards box with the truth boldly outside
Darkness is that heartless soul without honor
Darkness is the absence of nobility
Darkness extinguishes all that is noble
Darkness is a pauper in the face of humbling nobility
Darkness is those who do not wish success on others
Darkness pounces to stomp out the light
Darkness pervades earth in unyielding perversions of man
Darkness resides in all that is selfish
Darkness takes away and never gives
Darkness is every selfish fist ever waved
Darkness spins on a selfish implosion
Darkness rides denials more than self awareness
Darkness is when morals become narcissistically selfish
Darkness is a ravenous wolf that only takes and never gives
Darkness consumes souls with desires of greed
Darkness can fall on one wanting more than one needs
Darkness is a sinking hole in the soul
Darkness is only concerned with its own unfulfilled needs
Darkness is where selfish greed destroys friendships
Darkness is where every cheating word is hidden
Darkness has no better friend than a thief
Darkness is when family thieves smell death
Darkness is for those that wish death upon others
Darkness is remaining purposely oblivious to what is decent
Darkness is when garbage is sold for a greedy premium price
Darkness is trapped in a cosmic penal colony of material bondage
Darkness is the anxiety of the future and depression of the past
Darkness is depression that runs deep to escape
Darkness is not knowing the times ahead for better or worse
Darkness has nothing best in its’ own downward spiral
Darkness is the web of hateful jealous envious souls
Darkness is where money creates dishonest hearts
Darkness is the prize offered never given
Darkness is following the deceptions of man in his greed for power
Darkness has the stench of greed
Darkness swirls on unthankfulness wanting more
Darkness is when the selfish overwhelm the generous
Darkness seeks for a satisfaction it can never achieve
Darkness wreaks of jealous contempt
Darkness is the hate that blinds love
Darkness is hate under all its venom
Darkness spits its’ venom of hate
Darkness is the fangs of hate that divide
Darkness has an artillery of explosive poison darts
Darkness is a Scorpions sting with a Tarantulas bite
Darkness of heart swells with hate despising all
Darkness is hating those who hate you
Darkness is tolerating those who despise you
Darkness lays waste across the ages of hate
Darkness is mired in the wounds of hate
Darkness is the debt hate pays
Darkness’ deepest heart is hate, even for itself
Darkness finds all that is lost in hurt
Darkness carries the hurt of loss
Darkness pulls an aching heart to forget
Darkness hides in a heart of pain
Darkness is unceasing pain
Darkness is a ceiling arc of slicing pain
Darkness is the pain that ping pongs upon us
Darkness is all that is miserable
Darkness is memories lost
Darkness is the loss of cherished memories
Darkness is where there is no remembrance of love
Darkness is when the best of what is can’t be remembered
Darkness is when one forgets the name of one’s best friend
Darkness is when one cannot help a friend in need
Darkness is a sinking ship with no hope
Darkness is the failing health of a loved one
Darkness casts her shadow with a loss of appetite
Darkness is the physical suffering old age brings
Darkness is where nothing soothing can be found
Darkness is where no father’s storybook chair is found
Darkness is where no family is found
Darkness is when family has no honest words spoken
Darkness is where there is no union
Darkness is a failed marriage
Darkness is failing miserably for those one loves
Darkness is when the only unity is disunity
Darkness is when the only glue is solvent
Darkness is a precious flower that withers
Darkness is the death of a pet
Darkness is the loss of a spouse
Darkness is the smoke of death
Darkness is the wrenching smell of death
Darkness is the smell rotting garbage brings
Darkness is death comes to our loved ones
Darkness is a death without love
Darkness is when death pleas for help at your doorstep
Darkness is not being able to help one whom you love
Darkness is coughing on the weight of death
Darkness is the howl of love lost
Darkness is the sting of death
Darkness is that last cadaver quiver
Darkness is when the chips run out
Darkness is when rain comes to the parade
Darkness is where disease has no mercy
Darkness is for all watching the comatose on ventilators
Darkness comes to light in a mortal mother’s womb
Darkness is a mother suffering for her child
Darkness is where sorrow is the only thought
Darkness is knowing pleasures will not last
Darkness is the razor that cuts at the heart of grief
Darkness is grief without end
Darkness is when there is no rain to bring relief
Darkness is hearts ripped open with no peace
Darkness is a racing heart with needles of panic
Darkness swells in a boiling sweat
Darkness is a sinking broken heart
Darkness is a heart with no wings
Darkness is a heavy heart with no balloons
Darkness is not being able to do
Darkness is found in a helpless heart
Darkness is where suffering has no escape
Darkness is where a rush to escape overwhelms calm
Darkness is where no sweet rest can be found
Darkness is when rocks find no pillow
Anguish evaporates into the darkness
Darkness is loss of heart with no door
Darkness is when the door is locked
Darkness is when the building exits are locked
Darkness is a closed heart
Darkness has no sympathy
Darkness is a crisis of identity
Darkness is where cruelty overtakes sympathy
Darkness is when cruelty is the established norm
Darkness is being told to grow up releasing one’s dream
Darkness is all of a childhood that has burned and crumbled
Darkness is not being able to retrieve times of past
Darkness holds loneliness deeper than alone
Darkness is a lonely void beyond measure
Darkness is flunking the second grade with a laughing twin sister
Darkness holds no encouragement in continual criticism
Darkness is when failure has sent you packing
Darkness is the fear of failure
Darkness is failure without understanding
Darkness is not being honed by the suffering
Darkness is when life’s best is undesirable
Darkness is the pain of not being successful
Darkness is when one’s efforts receive no recognition
Darkness is people who reject your abilities
Darkness is the doors slammed on genuine talent
Darkness is despising noble hearts over recognizing them
Darkness is when genius is discarded
Darkness is when one is not considered a legitimate human
Darkness is when expectations never arrive
Darkness is a teacher’s loss of eager students
Darkness is when opportunity for dreams to come true is lost
Darkness swells in dreams abandoned
Darkness caves on all broken dreams
Darkness is broken dreams that turn people nasty
Darkness is being in the middle of all that is broken
Darkness is where excellence is not desired
Darkness is when the honorable are considered adversaries
Darkness is hating those reaching for excellence
Darkness is when there is no honor for excellence
Darkness embraces excuse over excellence
Darkness is when excuses curtail timely progress
Darkness is when the mountain of honor and justice is ditched
Darkness is a minimalist attitude in service
Darkness has a breathless cast
Darkness has no breath to live
Darkness has the winds of breathless silence
Darkness carries open breathless wounds
Darkness fills empty hearts
Darkness misses all that is sweet
Darkness sours sweetness in life
Darkness steals the light of life
Darkness tears the pages of life away
Darkness possesses no laughter
Darkness is no joke
Darkness is without love
Darkness sinks a heart that cannot find love
Darkness is numb to feelings of genuine heart
Darkness is for mature adults that drift away from a child’s heart
Darkness in not loving another before you die
Darkness is the failure to love without measure
Darkness is not able to love beyond measure
Darkness forgets the reasons to love
Darkness is no heart in a home
Darkness is when parents do not patiently love
Darkness is when children never come back home
Darkness is no home to come home to
Darkness is when homes are lost to the dustbins of history
Darkness is buildings destroyed where love once flourished
Darkness is when you are arrested for saying you love someone
Darkness is those deep lonely canyons
Darkness is for the lonely past gone by
Darkness pierces to the regrets of the past
Darkness remains with consciences buried with regrets
Darkness doesn’t heal back to the light unless it feels
Darkness is oblivious to conscience as enlightenment’s entrance
Darkness only feels the dark outside dismissing the inside light
Darkness is regret for rude words proudly spewn
Darkness is the past gone by that shines no more
Darkness is looking back and finding a joyless past
Darkness is when fun is only a three letter word
Darkness is when fireworks are outlawed
Darkness is when the lighter doesn’t work
Darkness is where there is no cherries
Darkness rides on whiffless love gone past
Darkness places slicing barriers on a heart
Darkness rips across the scars of a heart
Darkness rides betrayal on a ruined heart
Darkness is manipulations from others causing heartache
Darkness holds the throng of betrayal
Darkness is those cowardly betrayals done in secret
Darkness is buried secrets better lost
Darkness has a fragile edge called anger
Darkness holds anger deeply wounding the soul
Darkness is the mask of insecurities insincerity
Darkness is where insecurity increases boisterous outbursts
Darkness is when the shame of anger steals love
Darkness sinks upon all senseless enraged killers
Darkness dwells in cold murderous hearts
Darkness is suicidal thoughts wrought with revenge
Darkness is abusing others with no love
Darkness is believing shallow lust is deep love
Darkness is broken hearts left behind
Darkness leaves a gaping hole in the fabric of love
Darkness fills the void where there is no love
There is no love in darkness
Without light, there is no love
Darkness sees no love
Darkness is when you lose your love
Darkness is the fading memories of love lost
Darkness is heart holes missing times past
Darkness is love lost on the waves of regret
Darkness is missing a growing love with the one you’re with
Darkness is not able to love beyond measure
Darkness coldly misses life in love
Darkness is a path without love
Darkness is where love cannot cast her pearls
Darkness is when love has petty conditions
Darkness is an impassable road
Darkness is driving in a foggy blizzard night
Darkness is breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no cell service
Darkness is when the crank shaft fails
Darkness has a seizing frozen effect
Darkness is a curved road with no destination
Darkness is a destination without purpose
Darkness is where purpose has no color
Darkness is a desert island from which there is no escape
Darkness is lost with no time to remember
Darkness is where life has no luster
Darkness has no success that beings joy
Darkness is when the joy of youth is no longer found
Darkness is where there is no happiness
Darkness is the dissolving magic time brings
Darkness is not finding the humble heart of life
Darkness is one can never know the bottom of another’s heart
Darkness is when a heart is spun yearning out of place
Darkness is when obsessive determination defeats discretion
Darkness is not controlling one’s own life
Darkness is desire with no self-control
Darkness revolves for those who cast off restraint
Darkness is a battle with destructive desires from within
Darkness is the victim of its’ own desires
Darkness is blaming others for one’s own lack of light
Darkness will not survive in His light
Darkness defines those spiritually blind
Darkness generally wears blinders so it may dismiss conscience
Darkness maintains a brazen lack of conscience
Darkness hides a bullet of death
Darkness seals the fate of the dead
Darkness screams evil’s last breath
Darkness' deepest part is alone
Darkness’ deepest place is found alone
Darkness is deeper than deep… directionless
Darkness comes from an endless lone zone
Darkness runs in the shadow of fear
Darkness has no place to flee from itself
Darkness cries with no place to smile
Darkness wages a war that destroys all smiles
Darkness is where money cannot buy pleasure
Darkness is believing it is about money that buys acceptance
Darkness is the illusion of increasing wealth as debt buries worth
Darkness is when taxes are more important than life
Darkness is insurmountable debt that dampens the soul
Darkness cannot buy light
Darkness has the finger of what cannot be touched
Darkness casts a shadow on all it touches
Wickedness hides in the shadows of its’ own darkness
Darkness is the razors crossed on the road to success
Darkness is where fear denies the inspiration of success
Fear inhibits all to see through the fog of darkness
Darkness is when vices become the escape from reality
Darkness is where paranoia distorts reality
Darkness is when paranoia destroys joy of spirit
Darkness tears where the deepest fears dwell
Darkness is the answer to all that is fear
Darkness is when fear takes over ones better senses
Darkness invades where fear is real
Darkness is the children who live in silence
Darkness is childhood wounds unrevealed
Darkness is when perverted adults lustfully feast on children
Darkness is where perverted lusts justify insane behavior
Darkness is surrounded by all that have lost their minds
Darkness is a terrible place to live
Darkness dwells in the terror of horrid nightmares
Darkness causes spirit to recede to the shadows
Darkness casts a shadow on all that would rise to life
Darkness can produce an endless twisting turmoil
Darkness invades where turmoil conquers spirit
Darkness invades a land where division rules
Darkness is the weight of fear
Darkness is the terror of loss
Darkness holds no light
Darkness is a single candle with no light
Darkness is where forgiveness has no light
Darkness is where love sees no light
Darkness devours the hope of light
Darkness is never satisfied in demolishing light
Darkness holds no brightness
Darkness holds no path
Darkness holds no hope
Darkness holds no promise
Darkness holds no perception
Darkness holds to nowhere
Darkness holds the load of unhappiness
Darkness has nothing to grab hold of
Darkness holds no shadow of doubt
Darkness holds only numbness
Darkness holds not even a wisp of flame
Darkness is the flame that does not want to be seen
Darkness holds the hollow of emptiness
Darkness holds the emptiness of all that cannot be found
Darkness holds out the extension of forever
Darkness envelopes all that is indescribable
Darkness holds irretrievable presence
Darkness is all that is irretrievable
Darkness is the present steals irretrievable moments
Darkness is that time separates previous distant spaces
Darkness is the irretrievable innocence of the past
Darkness is what steals from simple innocence
Darkness is innocence that is all too soon stolen
Darkness is when strangers attack innocence
Darkness accuses the innocent of darkness
Darkness is chest compressions from unjustified attacks
Darkness is when one is unjustly fired
Darkness’ first act is to lie against the truth
Darkness is innocence lost
Darkness is the loss of innocence
Darkness is unrecoverable loss
Darkness pulls on what does not come back
Darkness is an hourglass with no sand
Darkness is a beach with no sand
Darkness is an ocean without a shore
Darkness is waiting for what will never arrive
Darkness is waiting for a call that never comes
Darkness holds the despair of loss
Darkness churns upon the chest of despair
Darkness circles by the buzzards of despair
Darkness suffocates upon the cough of despair
Darkness is locked in the chains of despair
Darkness often carries the chains of waiting
Darkness is buried on the road of despair
Darkness is despair that imprisons a heart
Darkness carves holes in hearts when despair slices
Darkness explodes upon a chest of worry
Darkness nags at a broken heart
Darkness is when the heart gives up the spirit
Darkness is a heart stopper
Darkness is a cold mean spirited heart with no regrets
Darkness holds the hearts of those without scruples
Darkness holds the shame of nothing
Darkness embraces the thrust of nothing
Darkness beats on the deathly evil it believes
Darkness is plowing into the bowels of hell’s damnation
Darkness surrenders to a race with no finish
Darkness holds the death of light
Darkness is the death of light
Darkness rings upon the strings of death
Darkness is living on the edge of death
Darkness is where death holds all thoughtlessness
Darkness is the gasp of death
Darkness is a pulverized tree eaten to death
Darkness is dust and rust that chews at reality
Darkness is a well of dust
Darkness is a dry sucker washer with no primer juice
Darkness wells up from a drop below
Darkness is a well of nowhere
Darkness is everywhere light is not
Darkness knows itself by the light it has not
Darkness is only confused about what it knows not
Darkness is in the light of nothing
Darkness is something that cannot be found in the light
Darkness aches torn from the light
Darkness is detachment from the light
Darkness cannot perceive the light it has lost
Darkness is one square shy of light
Darkness is numb to light
Darkness cannot comprehend the exuberance of light
Darkness is a sad thought
Darkness cannot help but leave sadness in its’ wake
Darkness is suction into nothingness
Darkness is out of time's reach
Darkness is when the light of God is taken away
Darkness can only see by turning back to the light
Darkness is only finished when the light returns
Darkness is where the sunlight does not shine
Darkness is where the stars have no shine
Darkness is when no rising star comes
Darkness blazes across the face of the sky
Darkness misses the spark of light
Darkness is a choice and must be avoided if God is your calling
Darkness is the destination where evil resides
Darkness crosses the line where evil lives
Darkness is absent from His eternal power
Darkness is absent of the torch of His courage
Darkness is contained in the bowels of hell
Darkness is the final rest for all unbelieving
Darkness is a slide well enough left alone
Darkness is desperate to find anything
Darkness is an empty spiritless sea
Darkness is a gutless empty vomit
Darkness is the end of a fool's folly
Darkness is when gullible fools believe the ditch digger
Darkness is a fool that knows it all
Darkness is a fools answer to the truth
Darkness has many crevasses of deception
Darkness is what the butcher hides
Darkness is the hamburger is not as pictured
Darkness is the unfiled class action suit
Darkness is the countless telemarketing thieves
Darkness is all the crimes that avalanche on a people
Darkness has no apology for the lie
Darkness is apologies left unsaid
Darkness is when the only genuine thing is a lie
Darkness is in all that is a lie
Darkness is covering fear with a lie
Darkness in a lie leaves no direction
Darkness is the anger of a liar
A lie of any color is darkness
Darkness engages white lies in the fear of offence
Darkness steals truth with lies
Darkness has the wings of a lie
Darkness hides behind the eyes of lies
Darkness spins on the lies it believes
Darkness is believing you are who you are not
Darkness is a false life deceiving the self and others
Darkness is the pitiful heart of a pathological liar
Darkness pounds the lies people believe
Darkness is when people choose lies as truth
Darkness is not standing for truth before the lies that fall before us
Darkness is when liars dominate the ignorant
Darkness is being told to thicken one’s skin to tolerate the lies
Darkness is being accused of lying when not
Darkness is when you are falsely accused
Darkness lies in the graves of histories scapegoats
Darkness is when liars are esteemed
Darkness is the pain of enduring lies
Darkness is where joy is stolen by liars
Darkness is when truth is despised and punished as a lie
Darkness is the lies children are taught
Darkness is children in rebellion against any authority
Darkness is when the young despise the old
Darkness perpetuates itself by liars repeating liars
Darkness is where cowards avoid plain truth
Darkness is actions wrought invoking chaos over clarity
Darkness is believing a liar will help you
Darkness is when a friend becomes a liar
Darkness is not having a friend to stand with
Darkness is the separation of good friends
Darkness is when no friend can be found
Darkness is the trouble of not having friends
Darkness is when relationships are broken
Darkness is friends that turn on you after wanting to give you all
Darkness is often hidden behind a friendly face
Darkness is those who pretend to care
Darkness’ brightest side is its’ stabbing back
Darkness is when your own turn on you
Darkness is when those familiar do not fight for you
Darkness is the promises that never come true
Darkness is promises never kept
Darkness is the lie of a false promise
Darkness’ face offers help and ultimately does not
Darkness is when you are not wanted
Darkness holds friendships lost
Darkness is friends that slip from view
Darkness is the silence cold shoulders throw
Darkness is arrogance standing by illusionary humble attitudes
Darkness is the pedestal one stands on looking down on the rest
Darkness is living in a box condemning others
Darkness demands domination in its’ battlefield
Darkness is the rush to climb over others
Darkness is phony in a box
Darkness is condemning so many others as losers
Darkness is arrogance with no conscience
Darkness is where power does little to humble a heart
Darkness is never being good enough by bigots that unfairly judge
Darkness is blind arrogance that condemns others
Darkness carries the chains of condemnation
Darkness walks a proud path mired in denial
Darkness too often pretends to be in and of the light
Darkness is believing large importance with small substance
Darkness is believing one is great when one is not
Darkness is when self-opinion condemns the differences in others
Darkness is when man decides outward worth over inward value
Darkness is cloud dwellers looking down on all others
Darkness is where bigots claim ignorant superiority
Darkness is the racism that devours decency
Darkness comes when people dismiss decency
Darkness is the injustice prejudice wages
Darkness is professed humble hearts who step on others
Darkness is the callous harsh utterings one spews
Darkness is returning to the feet that step on you
Darkness connivingly elevates above simple hearts
Darkness is sure of itself
Darkness is like a bad tooth rotting from the inside out
Darkness renders an empty cavity
Darkness is a place where all is wrong
Darkness is an implosion from without
Darkness implodes crushing all it cannot find
Darkness is where no lines meet
Darkness has no depth of distance
Darkness cannot find anything of depth
Darkness has no measure of depth
Below explosive darkness, listless motion is unable to orient
Darkness drifts upon an empty horizon
Darkness evaporates on what it does not have
Darkness deposits upon an empty chasm
Darkness is having nothing to share
Darkness has no top to grab upon
Darkness struts about with no direction to go
Darkness is not knowing what direction to go
Darkness comes to the loser of the game
Darkness is frozen on the ice of scorching defeat
Darkness has a bottomless loss of direction
Darkness has no bottom
Darkness' highest point is the bottom
Darkness pounds in to an empty bottom
Darkness such a hollow bottom
Darkness resides where bottomless pits dwell
Darkness is that unbearable weight that drops below the bottom
Doubt leads to the pits of darkness
Darkness cannot find answers for why
Darkness is seeking an answer you cannot find
Darkness needs more than it can find
Darkness can find no favor
Darkness ignores the need to apologize
Darkness sees no mercy for others
Darkness is when no accommodations for mercy are made
Darkness yields to the heartless lonely
Darkness is a lonely journey best left alone
Darkness has nothing called best
Darkness is its’ own worst place
Darkness fades as a call comes from His light
Darkness is uncovered in the brilliance of His light
Darkness is the destiny this physical universe flows into
Darkness is upon those who lack purpose in His brilliance
Darkness is overcome with shining hearts in Him
Darkness avalanches for those unable to find freedom in Him
Darkness smolders on an avalanche of nothing
Darkness remains where there is no freedom
Darkness is when the dream of freedom is a lost imagination
Darkness is when freedom’s misuse creates anarchy
Darkness is bondage lacking freedom
Darkness is not freedom from despising all others
Darkness is not freedom from hate
Darkness is those who refuse free wisdom
Darkness will never be free to know eternity’s light
Darkness has no transforming of spirit’s creation
Darkness will have no entrance through the gate of eternal light
The door to eternal rewards is where darkness has no place
Darkness is set, just beyond the nugget of light
Darkness is not hidden in the light
Darkness will lose its’ power over the humble of heart
Darkness remains without the light
Darkness misses the light to see
Darkness is knowing the light has been dismissed
Darkness lacks the comfort of light
Darkness presses on all of light’s expansion
Darkness is in the shadows beyond light
Darkness invokes terror in the absence of light
Darkness seizes for those who do not know
Darkness seizes fear with a strike of light’s death
Darkness strikes at the heart of fear
Darkness carries the danger of heart attack
Darkness suffers at the loss of heart
Darkness has slicing loss
Darkness cuts where no wound heals
Darkness aches the belly in a cut
Darkness is the ache of chattering teeth
Darkness remains condemning all the careless
Darkness is the nameless careless souls passing in the wind of time
Darkness is stepping on melted pink gum
Darkness is to the shame of all that is of the light
Darkness is to the shame of true light
Darkness sacrifices light for its evil deeds
Darkness sacrifices the loss of light
Darkness cannot replace the Light
Light can replace darkness
The end of darkness is the beginning of light
The beginning of darkness is the loss of light
Darkness never ends for those that fail to see the light
Darkness is so absorbed it fails to listen
Light is the awakening to love
Light splits into allowing darkness
Darkness forever remains blind to the light of creation
Godly light turns from the darkness most swagger in
There is no greater hardship than facing darkness
Light’s last moment evaporates to darkness
Light is ahead of darkness left behind
Darkness is where time is the curse of living
Darkness of time will not kill you, your character will
Darkness is the mildew of a rotten character
Darkness is a hard pill to swallow
Darkness has not the gentle dreams of forever
Darkness rejects ideals of goodness
Darkness is those angered by acts of goodness
Darkness is thinking doing good will cover the bad
Darkness is thirsty for those to fall from the light
Darkness is eager to call others to come
Darkness fades as courage faces fear exposing truth
Darkness is when freedom is hidden under the curtain of fear
Darkness comes to those who fear to share
Darkness drowns those faithless in an empty desert
Darkness doubts a higher lifting faith
Darkness is where faith has no hope
Darkness is not having anything to believe in
Darkness is the broken branches that will never heal
Darkness is when it cannot be fixed
Darkness is where the magic of life evaporates
Darkness is when the magic of life disappears
Darkness arrives as trust evaporates
Darkness is where there is no trust
Darkness is when there is no one to trust
Darkness is where kindness shocks one into suspicion
Darkness is overcome by trusting in the return of light
Darkness has no branches in the tree of life
Darkness is the fire that destroys life
Darkness is when scorching fires light up the sky
Darkness is thirst in a hot dusty land
Darkness is for all the souls left behind
Darkness consumes the light it rejects
Darkness cannot consume the light as it departs
Darkness is transparent in the light
Darkness has an edge cutting away from the light
Darkness cannot catch the light
Darkness shuts out the light
Darkness succumbs to light
Darkness succumbs to the light that turns it away
Darkness has no power over God
Darkness has no Great God in Heaven
Darkness has no God
Darkness is in churches built for man
Darkness is when a church is a building and not hearts
Darkness falls on a people who abandon God
Darkness is the departure from God
Darkness is removed from all that is holy
Darkness is a choice
Darkness is heaven’s gate to the light
Darkness is a test of returning to the light
Darkness is a test of spirit to endure
Darkness is best seen through coming out of it
Darkness only finds deliverance when is left behind
Darkness is superseded by igniting pursuits of good works
Darkness cannot defeat the joy of innocent enthusiasm
Darkness is when unjust criticisms stifle enthusiasm
Darkness is the example of what it is to lose light
Darkness is a sign of what without light becomes the greatest loss
Darkness is denying belief in the light that gives life
Darkness is where the heart has lost touch with the light
Darkness’ only opportunity is to reach out for the light
Darkness can only find rescue in the light of truth
Darkness is the worship of dead glittering objects
Darkness has little about nothing
Darkness always comes too early and leaves too late
Darkness has no adequate expression to describe itself

There are many facets in life that define the times in which one lives; what we remember, forget, and pursue, before leaving in the mist of dust. I have written many things over the years, yet to finalize, in my hopeful publishing efforts. I believe we exist on and in a micro and macro quantum foundation of darkness which supports the light that flows into it. "Let there be Light" had to have this void to fill reality as we have come to know it. A much more adequate and extensive analysis of Darkness manuscript has been constructed. I look forward to bringing this work to light.

  I coin the term Blackyon in a tantalizing attempt to adress reality.
Outside Light    Without an exact definition of the quantum of creation,
   science will fail to deliver technological innovations
   yet to be. Utilizing the mathematics and physics of
  NOW derived from beyond will yield what is spectacularly
  short of miraculous. Location of time has exact focus.


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