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A faithful heart is a forgiving heart.
What is the color of your spirit, not your skin, is the question.

Ron Bert Quotes

Love is the only currency
Hate is the only debt
Colors are a gift without charge
The Love for life came before mortal light
We live in a universe of constant change
In life, love is closer than death
Death will gloss who we are

Sleep affirms resurrections coming
Sleep is an annoying reminder of death
Ours is a planet of delicate beauty and tragic death

Love commands compassion softer than demands
Grasping shards of truth enlightens the heart
Mercy triumphs over possession

The heart of wisdom delivers understanding above knowledge
Knowledge is for understanding
Understanding is for wisdom
Wisdom is for love

Thoughtfulness is the grace of wisdom
Blessed are those who use understanding as a means for living
One's works mirror the depth of one's faith
Faith is an unending well of hope
Hope’s aspiration is to trust unquestionably
Faith is best served with certainty

Fear tests faith
Do not let your fears overwhelm your love
Fear is the nail that buries the weak

Extreme effort highlights excellence
Yesterday’s toil is today’s ongoing triumph
The misery of doubt curtails excellence beyond self
Doubt is the poison that destroys trust
Reaching beyond ability advances true greatness
Focus is what brings champions together
Excuse has no champion

Agreement is the challenge of unity
All hold the sky in their hand
Words are the easiest thing to misunderstand
Talent and prowess does not reflect position in life
Associations and moods define the stumblings of man
Temperance is the salt of the soul
Zeal is the spice of our lives

There is no reward without virtue
One’s life strips to the naked truth
There is no honor in cheating the truth
Honesty with one’s self highlights character
One can only know the bottom of one’s own heart
The character of a soul speaks their name
Good deeds color a soul's brilliance

We wish for more as we wearily groan
Tears heal wounds softening the heart
Joy is genuine sorrow that it may not last
The well of peace dwells in the tower of thankfulness

Grand achievements accompany the tender mercies of a woman
Friendship stands on an accepting heart ...
and one’s ability not to judge or expect

Spirit is the presence of the soul
Life is a canvas taken one breathstroke at a time
We are but custodians of what is bestowed upon us
Innocence is the first casualty of life
Experience is the loss of innocence knowing grief
Despair is a twisting molten wound needling the heart

Whispers can be heard the loudest
Moaner, Groaner, Emotional Owner
Despicable, thy name is human
Confidence void of thankfulness is arrogance
Pride is self over God

Wickedness prowls the corridors of our hearts
Envy is external torment with no inner calm
Our inability to obey is exposed in natural sin

Violence is the drip of anger
Let bitterness end or it will be the end of you
Worries trouble is a faithless heart
Ridicule’s best friend is a fool

Truth suffers alongside deception
Truth resides where eagles dare to fly
Disregarding accountability defines criminality
Where justice muddles, civilization crumbles
Democracy is the cancer of a Republic

This is the nursery of our children’s civilization
Fantasy and reality are folds in the same garment
It is humans that are in question, not God
An entrance to eternity sparkles before all

For the sake of our children’s children, we must possess a spirit of purpose, for without such we are doomed to the dark ages of spiritual deprivation.

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(Psalm 86:17)

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