At Risk
December 2014 Blog
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Many sink lonely not knowing love. In a spiritís angry prowling finger pointing loveless life, victims are boldly at every encounter. The entitled all-knowing proud cross all demographics as the world seems engulfed with demanding bullies on the turn of every corner. The nation is filled with silent and loud festering rage devouring peace. God fearing families have become nebulous. As a result of children being neglected from nurturing love, we now face the social implosion that brings us to the brink of disaster. It is clear, that without love, one can only suffer. Without accepting love, generational darkness prevails, hiding in wait. Truth is discarded and God is alien. Without compassion, there is no real reason in life and anger tends to mask deep rooted depression. Inquiry is thoughtful which escapes the ignorant. Many have lost the ability to ask. True souls must ask and answer the call or remain impoverished. An open heart is better than a suspicious heart. Who do you really love in life? Would it not be those that encourage you and inspire you to be more than you are? Family or friends that believe and trust in you rejoicing your life is in theirs. Love, like a magnet, gets stronger as mutual attraction magnifies the beauty caring unfolds. Rare are those few that touch our deepest of hearts. Soul lifters will arise where they humbly love. Hearts attract in the light and where shadows of deception are cast, cold hearts are left alone. Harsh criticisms cut chasms of agony hard to heal for the debased. The drip of grief comes to those avoiding truth and darkness blinds the honor that the naked light reveals. Each of us needs to step out into the light of truth to engage in fearless love and love of God for the sake of our civilizationís life. True strength can only be found though and in Him. It is by turning away from God that the curse of disunity falls upon us.

To dismiss God in our highest chambers chooses to follow ambiguous fleshly desires over spiritual guidance reaching out for clarity and decency. The ancient Jewish leaders disregarded the true God and saw their blessings evaporate. Without the fear of God, society becomes unhinged pursuing disobedience with blatant displays of disregard for any type of authority. The proud not only devour themselves but the loosely termed ignorant bystanders. People engage in lies perpetuating the cycle of turmoil and mistrust. Without God, civil corruption leads to collapse through revolving martial law instances.

In these times of desperate loss of direction, leadership is challenged regarding elitism over humble God fearing souls. Democracy empowers these so called elite denying citizens in a free republic. Our young intellectuals are trapped in debt as outsourcing utilizes cheaper foreign labor. Honor and loyalty have been compromised. We condemn ourselves as greed and self-seeking overtakes the land. Without a Jubilee to free us from the covetous top heavy gluttons and interest bearing barons, hope may evade us as slaves under Godís looming razor, as it approaches upon the proud. Truly, Godís providential blessings may soon be removed from this once great God fearing nation. Without a revival of repenting contrite hearts, there may be no reversal to our demise.

Nineveh was warned by Jonah and turned from their sinful ways, as the king called out to repent in the face of God, and for a while, was spared from the wrath of God, until again, greed and lust devoured even their children. Without returning to God, our chance for great nobility for our children is naught. Our moral compass, or lack of it, leaves our children bankrupt and the nation in a simmering cesspool of disgrace. In a land where the proud hold no shame, God is the only hope that we have.

~ Ron Bert Ė December 2014

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