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What is faith? Many claim it as well as deny it, yet it is a condition none can escape. From one extreme to the other, belief in something is maintained by all that hope to breathe and taste life’s fruits. For those foolish enough to claim “no faith” - they would have to deny even the most fundamental of truths, of plain reality itself; that one could not choose to look about, never to hear the anguish or pleasure of an alarms waking call, to smell not a single flower, to sense chocolate melting, or ever to feel ~ even the simplest of smiles or frowns. Perhaps the only condition where one could be found faithless would be rendered to that of the unconscious realm, though it takes faith to believe that one will wake up. Precariously stated, this unconscious state could also be referred to as one’s ignorance. Truly, one’s refusal to accept faith, of even that of the size of a mere mustard seed, impedes growth for the whole well being of the soul. Pikes Peak remains though one may take miraculous creation and its’ fragile stability for granted. We lazily exist within limited knowledge and all higher order awareness is obscured for those who lack the ability to embrace faith. As earth is, moment to moment, God remains faithful allowing us, in all of our follies be they arrogant or otherwise humble. Best stated, spiritual faith is hope grace will permit a conscious entrance to eternal life, united in Almighty Jehovah God, upon God’s own certified judgment.

In the classroom of faith, faith in God is a choice for us in the brief bondage of flesh. Conditions have been established and His word is proclaimed, delivered to His children born of earth’s dust. These are His inspired pages of The Bible. Logic demands that if God is God, then He is not the author of confusion and His promise that His word will endure is sure. His love surpasses all enunciable. Love does not argue, as such, it is His calling truth that nurtures our individual salvation. We do not audaciously call ourselves. Created for His pleasure, He looks down from heaven to see how and what we seek and if we can be found by Him as diligent hearts adhering to His way. Clearly by His own word, damnation will be upon those who do not know God, and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. These words have crucially been given, declared to all by His word. Skewing words of men cannot nullify His declaration. He will evaluate each heart and know us as we are. Spiritual faith is not as simple as reaching out; one must stand up when the door is opened. Upon hearing the call, one must continue in spirit walking by faith in pursuit of His true word, with one’s all, not deceiving oneself and insulting the mind of God by instituting new words and clauses of exception, including any kind of distortion of one’s own making or that of another, in by which many deceivers devour the innocence of truth. Our test of faith is found in and through His word. It is in this, His word, by which we all will be judged on the last day as eternity unfurls before us.

From all that is written in His word, one cannot deny, and must know, that God is detail oriented and demands obedience to His creation over that of ours. He searches for humble servants over those portentous. God does not and will not support any doctrinal diarrhea flushing from the candy imaginations of man. Are we above God and shall we reject His commandments that we may observe that of our own? Division exists in the churches of man but not in the church of God. Those souls that love Him pursue Him in prayer and action. Blessed are those who He knows by their true knowledge and sense of duty to Him. Priorities can be misaligned, void of God’s word. Not all social practices are acceptable forms of worship. To please God, one must be able to identify His desire, His Spirit, over that of human doctrine. Faith in details delivered demands God over self. Many choose self over understanding God in that many transform God to fit conscious rather than God transforming ones character. He asks that we come entirely to Him so that He may lift us in His guiding light. It is a question of submitting in His all encompassing word where He asks us to take off hypocrisy for the sake of glory; to be transparent in the light. Only a genuine sympathizing penitent heart inherits the eternal blessing that the life of Christ has offered to each of us.

In the face of destruction, those that find unity in His love through faith, though there is fear, will survive the approaching onslaught of judgment. It will both be sudden and lingering for each. Mortally, pain is everyone’s teacher that refines the fibers of character for that final awakening moment which will reveal who we are. It is endurance of character to stand in beliefs, be they noble or despicable (hot or cold), which will expose the true spirit of a soul. Apathetic (lukewarm) hearts will find no excuse. In the highest evaluation, does one’s light rule over the darkness or will darkness prevail for lack of good character? Since none of us have the power or strength to save ourselves, only through Jesus can we humbly find healing sanctuary in the coming fires that will strip us all to the bare. We can only pray for forgiveness and mercy with hope that His mercy will be sufficient in the face of our feebleness. Only in the righteous pursuit of adhering to His word, a quest for His way, creates a portal of return to Him, - and it is He who has proclaimed it in word and example. ~ Remember Me and I will remember you. He has given us the ladder that reaches down to us. It is no accident God created us to be born in Him. It is an ongoing choice of the higher spiritual over the lower carnal. It is a refreshing of the spirit, a deepening of the soul. Faith is an act of following belief and release to fully trust in Him. Our working knowledge is to believe in Him who He sent, Jesus Christ. To return is to find that which He gave, our life through His death and resurrection. In this spirit of eternal heart, fathoming His peace enlightens all angels and saints. When one finds God, a soul is found eagerly in service waiting for eternity to unfold ahead. Bolder than any bond, faith discloses a soul.

Each heart must ask and hold an answer to whether the Bible is the inspired word of the One Living God or a mere compilation of aloof men. So claimed spiritual men often do enact personal desires over divinities announcements. Disregarding the called Holy Word, if in truth God is the One and Only Glorious God, it will bring about the dire consequences due at His revealing. Ask, is it a burden or a blessing, and you will have your answer.

I personally believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and most righteous judge; in His plan of salvation. His life, could it be so grand that this truth would unlock hearts upon the earth to unite under Him, our One and Only straightforward Holy God. My citizenship is in heaven for which I eagerly wait.

~ Ron Bert 2015

Wisdom is a never ending reach for understanding’s clarity.

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