Each holds a legacy, and it involves the honesty we share

As humans we gauge others by our own reference of understanding. Either we remain narcissistically blind or open to the vast truth that all error, and by this, a spirit's mettle is tested as experience cleaves evolving wisdom. Forgiveness over resentment heals what deviates from a soulís peace. To be part of the larger solution we must bury contempt and bias if we are to join humanity for the better, rather than the tragic demise of all bitter hearted. If one may claim to be normal, it is only achieved by loveís mercy not to judge others too harshly where cynicism becomes the cancer of disharmony. I thank you for patience with my evolving works as long as it is that it is.

Proverb Minutes is my endeavor to bring Biblical wisdom to light for all to know. PowerPoint has been used as the main construction of these videos.

It takes the courage of character to wait on the Lord.
Thank you for assembling with me today.

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