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Location Type Title Date
Smokyhill church of Christ Audio Gospel Meeting 10/2017
Westside church of Christ Audio Youth Lectures 2015-2017
Timberland Drive church of Christ Audio Multiple Subjects 2011-2017
East Hill church of Christ Audio I am Going Home 6/23/2017
Audio Fulfill your True Purpose 6/22/2017
Audio Pursue Biblical Literacy 6/21/2017
Audio Pray with Daily Passion 6/20/2017
Audio Make Time for God 6/19/2017
Audio Trust In His Power 6/18/2017
Audio Come to Mount Zion 6/18/2017
Audio Jesus Death
by the Numbers
McRaven Road church of Christ Audio Gospel Meetings 2014-2017
Spring Creek church of Christ Audio Praying in The Spirit 2/5/2017
Decker Prairie church of Christ Audio Gospel Meeting 11/2016
Woodland Hills church of Christ Audio Gospel Meeting 10/2016
Brooksville church of Christ Audio Gospel Meetings 2014-2016
Rice Road church of Christ Audio Is There Plenty of Time? 4/29/16
Audio More Than Belief 4/28/16
Audio Confessing Our Sins 4/27/16
Audio The Inheritance 4/26/16
Audio Truth for All Men 4/25/16
Audio Are You a 90 or 52? 4/24/16
Audio The Amazing Grace of God 4/24/16
Audio Jesus at the Well 4/24/16
Bartlett church of Christ Audio Gospel Meetings 2012-2015
New Caney church of Christ Audio Flee Immorality 8/21/2015
Audio Top 10 ‘One-Liners’
In Defense Of Sin
Audio Faithfulness In The
Face Of Tragedy
Audio The Power Of The
First Concession
Audio Red Light Religion 8/19/2015
Audio Secure Behind The Hedge 8/19/2015
Southside church of Christ Audio Gospel Meeting 04/2015
Edwards Lake church of Christ Audio Gospel Meeting 10/2013
Dowlen Road church of Christ YouTube Color Bible Marking 01/18/16
YouTube Where is Your Treasure 09/25/13
YouTube The Strongest Man
In The World
YouTube Where Are The
Animal Sacrifices?
YouTube How To Flee Immorality 09/1/13
The Southside church of Christ YouTube Gospel Meeting 02/2013
Oak Mountain church of Christ Video Taking Up the Shield of Faith 2/24/17
Video Making Time For GOD 2/23/17
Video The Perfect Prayer Plan 2/22/17
Video Pray At All Times
In The Spirit
Video Spirit vs. Flesh:
The Battle Within
Video 60 Years and a Dead Boy 2/19/17
Video The Slow Fade 2/19/17
Video Jesus' Death
By The Numbers
Dowlen Road church of Christ Video The Chruch of Christ 10/26/14
Video Jesus Christ:
Leader of His Church
Video Jesus' Death By The Numbers 12/16/12
Video The Atoning Blood of Jesus 1/26/14
Video Will Judas Be In Heaven? 2/2/14
Video Walking Like An Egyptian 2/9/14
Video What About
The Thief On The Cross
Video Were You There? 9/7/14
Video If Not Raised 4/26/15
Video Greater Than Jonah 1/13/14
Video If Anyone Wishes
To Come After Me
Video Encouraged By Jesus 12/29/14
Video Commended By Christ 12/28/14
Video We Are Christians 12/8/13
Video Christians Grow 1/4/15
Video Increase Our Faith 6/16/13
Video Excel Still More 11/18/12
Video Do Hard Things 2012
Video The House of the Lord 1/26/15
Video The Names of the Lord 12/2/12
Video The Holy Spirit 11/11/13
Video The Inheritance 7/21/13
Video To The Praise Of His Glory 3/31/13
Video The Bible:
God-Breathed or Man-Made?
Video Truth For All Men 9/22/14
Video Does It Fit? 6/30/13
Video God's Hand Upon Us 5/17/15
Video Motivations For
a Life of Service
Video Laborers in the Vineyard 7/20/14
Video Personal Evangelism 11/25/13
Video Where Your Treasure Is 9/22/16
Video The Goal of Life 3/15/15
Video Why Are You Here? 3/9/14
Video I'm Going Home 2/16/14
Video I Love You More 4/20/14
Video God's Senior Servants 6/9/14
Video Self Control 10/27/13
Video The Power of Modesty 6/3/13
Video Purity In The Digital Age 9/26/10
Video Social Networking 6/8/14
Video How To Flee Immorality 9/1/13
Video Marriage Myths 5/19/13
Video Peter As Marriage Counselor 1/20/13
Video Beating the Odds:
"Very Good" Marriages
Video Family Fundamentals 5/19/13
Video Gifts, Arrows
and Olive Trees
Video Blessed Be Your Discernment 11/24/14
Video Waters of Meribah 4/7/13
Video The Third Question 2/22/15
Video Situational Ethics 1/19/14
Video The Pursuit of Mental Holiness 4/21/13
Video Godly Emotion 1/1/14
Video We Need A Generation 6/9/13
Video Pray At All Times
In The Spirit
Video The Perfect Prayer Plan 12/27/13
Video Why Does God Say No? 5/5/13
Video More Blessed To Give
Than Receive
Video Who Do We Appreciate? 12/22/13
Video Who Is My Neighbor? 5/26/14
Video Who Is The Greatest 3/4/13
Video Blest Be The Tie 6/28/15
Video The Three Tests
of Fellowship
Video Resolutions Fit For A King 1/6/13
Video The Four Pillars 12/21/14
Video Building Ladders 1/5/14
Video More Than A
Million Feet of Faith
Video The Book of Nehemiah:
6 C's for Success
Video Seven Sentences To Glory 4/6/14
Video Two Final Requests 5/19/14
Video Lessons From
The Brink Of Death
Video 3 Phone Calls 10/12/14
Video Plucking The TULIP 3/16/14
Video Tents and Houses 10/21/12
Video Shall we fast? 5/10/15
Video That Marvelous Meal 12/21/14
Video Where Are
The Animal Sacrifices?
Video Red Light Religion 2/17/13
Video A Different Spirit 3/9/14
Video Belief Only 2/1/15
Video Denominationalism 3/22/15
Video Can A Christian
Fall From Grace?
Video Why Should I Care? 8/17/14
Video Are You Listening? 7/6/14
Video How To Live A Worry-Free Life 3/23/14
Video Storm Stories 5/31/15
Video On Jordan's Stormy Banks 11/17/13
Video The Good Life 8/11/13
Video A Journey to Worldliness 6/7/15
Video Snake Handlers Anonymous 2/3/13
Video Alcohol and the Bible 5/17/15
Video Plenty of Time 8/25/13
Video Secure Behind The Hedge 9/15/13
Video Are You Blind? 2/16/15
Video The Shadow's End 12/15/14
Video It Is Hard To Be Lost 11/9/14
Video The Prodigal Son 1/13/13
Video The World's Strongest Man 9/22/13
Video Conflict Resolution 8/4/13
Video Faith Through The Fire 7/7/13
Video Everyone Will Be
Salted With Fire
Video The Life of Josiah 6/21/15
Video Faithfulness in
the Face of Tragedy
Video When Good Deeds
Get Punished
Video Asa: The King Time Forgot 9/15/14
Video The Fiery Ordeal 4/27/14
Video The Parable of the Stove 11/26/12
Video The Battle Within Us 10/13/13
Video Enemy At The Gates 9/28/14
Video Top 10 "One-Liners"
In Defense of Sin
Video Confessing My Sins 12/15/13
Video The Age of Jubilee 3/1/15
Video Beware Of Your Friends 4/14/13
Video Be Carful Little Feet 6/24/12
Video Be Careful Little Tongue 6/24/12
Video 60 Years and a Dead Boy 2012
Mauriceville church of Christ Videos Vacation-Bible-School 2011
Lindale church of Christ Videos
Multiple Sermons 2007-2017


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