5/15/2011 ~ Evolution

Where did we come from is a valid question.
We live in an evolving universe of unique changes.

Many choose to believe in The Origin of Species,
~ Charles Darwin’s book of 1859.

The design issue is complicated by inferring God whereas
many evolutionists do not want to imagine God is necessary.
~ To write the Book of Nature.

... His invisible attributes are clearly seen, ~ Romans 1:20

One can observe God by witnessing the things made.

There are two basic inferences
with regard to the origin of life and its diversity:

Natural Causes
(General Theory of Evolution)
Life forms from simple
substances by natural means
(Intelligent Design)
Life forms by the
intelligent shaping of matter

Easier → Was this designed? ← Easier

Harder → Who designed this? ← Harder

~ Both questions are worth examination …  
- Is it an act of intelligence to discard the argument of Intelligent Design  
because Evolutionists arrogantly and simply dismiss it as a consideration?
  Faith lies at both ends of the dichotomy … ~

Extremes producing biased turmoil:
Faith in Science ←→ Faith in God
* Note: Origins of the universe and life are neither observable nor repeatable.

Can Science be used to determine whether or not the universe
has been designed over the haphazard occurrence assumption?

We must use the present to draw conclusions about our remote past.
It hurts the cause if we can not remain open to all aspects of knowledge.
God demands that we know and so we should for the sake of knowing.

Test all things; hold fast what is good. ~ 1st Thessalonians 5:21

Testing is what He calls us to do.

As individuals we should not dismiss opportunities
to become the best we can be in seeing, considering valid truths.

The question is are we genuinely open or closed minded?
- In regards to our world view.

Most do not prefer change …
and resistance litters our past as well as our present.
“Don’t upset our world view.”
However, this universe prefers instant innumerable changes
~ as a natural event ~

Chemistry examines the tiny details of life.
Modern day brilliance plows through this ignorance.
The "Origin of Species" has valid observational points
attempting to explain the adaptive qualities of life
over extended time and it should not be wholly discarded.

We must cleave to what is good
~ for the sake of our children and future civilization.
We are their inheritance.

Made from atoms is subdued, but to evolve from monkeys is hot.
Underlying questions deeper than science can answer are at the pin head:
Why are we here?
~ Are we the product of something created or a product of
natural causes - which means there is no purpose for our existence.
Emotionally heated judgments can render us all to becoming irrational.
Do we really want mass hysteria as our legacy …
… for history to mock at our foolishness?

The Rational Approach:
Judgment of Reality?
↙          ↘
OOO Evolution OOO Intelligent Design
Facts of nature
Details are precise
Some aspects forever remain unknowable

↖          ↗
Which is more reasonable?

Evolutionists believe a God originated universe undermines science.
How to please God is not science, however, God’s characteristics fill nature.
Humans use intelligence acting upon nature to form specific realities

Stonehenge was not made by nature

Natural Phenomenon or Required Intelligence?

Intelligence acting on nature can be observed.
~ Is human intelligence produced by nature or free of it?
Where did intelligence come from really is the question.
● Science can not demonstrate that intelligence is created of nature.  
Nature does include numerous patterns.
Science admits finding these patterns as they search for intelligence.
Regular amplitude and wavelength signals from space occur due to pulsars.
These signals are not regarded as intelligence but natural occurring events.
We search for “outer” intelligence, SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Life.
Does it contain information is prerequisite to concluding intelligence or not.
No certain data has been obtained from “outer” space showing intelligence.

How do we go about classifying intelligence or not?

Inevitable contingent, had to happen, random regularity
Chance What is the complexity,
probability of it not occurring randomly
Designed Specified, does it contain information?

Intelligence has to be independent of the event described.
Event or phenomenon?
Which position of faith is more valid or reasonable?
It is ridiculous to exclude all that should be examined and or considered.
Searching for “outer” intelligence, we should not reject “inner” intelligence.

Prevailing World View:
  Evolution   or   Intelligent Design  

Arrogance has no part in the humble nature of truth.

● Personal bias can blur one from seeing truth.
● Emotions can obscure good judgment
● The data is that it is
● Methods of science judge the world,
    - constructions of man or Intelligent Design?

The design can be analyzed mathematically.
There should be a unique mathematical signature common
to all points knowable inside the universe we live.
This mathematical model should and does reflect
the magnificence of all creation from the beginning to the end.
These unique and common laws of nature are repeated.
The universe holds together.
Cellular life holds patterns.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for;
the evidence of things not seen. ~ Hebrews 11:1

... without faith it is impossible to please Him,
for he who comes to God must believe that He is, ... ~ Hebrews 11:6

God is dead is and has been a prominent view among those who question.

      ┌─> You can learn about God by the things that are made.
... being understood by the things that are made, ... ~ Romans 1:20

God is beyond nature, He is divine in nature.
Intelligent Design believes God is convincingly real through manifestations.
From the top to bottom, the evidence needs to be examined.

↙          ↘
o Natural Causes oo OOo Intelligent Design  

From the distant stars to the microscopic cells of life.

20 Amino Acids
Proteins, enzymes

- Right and Left Nature
- Life is restricted exclusively
   to left sided connectivity
Proteins = Shapes and mobility
Enzymes = Tools and machinery
Genes – Nucleic Acids

DNA ~ Double Helix
RNA protein assisted
1. Transcription
2. Migration
3. Translation
* Note: Both are required for the functioning of life.

There is a restriction in living things that only left sided
protein molecules are accepted as well as only right sided sugars.
These are monumental barriers challenging the random natural causes
explanations, which they have none. These functioning’s are deliberate.

Proteins actively assist the functioning of DNA to unwind
enabling the recreation of useful and needed cells.

The Genetic Code is each of our fingerprints of Light Matter
└─> Both start and stop codes are encoded into it. 

It is a complex operation of precise selection suited to the specific need.
The DNA is copied in messenger RNA which migrates
outside the nucleus - then translated to make proteins.
Proteins needed to build proteins are coded in the DNA.
In every living cell an undeniable extreme intelligence
has been designed into it.

Darwin’s explanation is short as to explaining the unique cell complexities.

Special Creation can be the only conclusion.
The egg can not come before the chicken and so also is how
DNA-RNA-PROTIEN-ENZYME functions are dependant upon each other.

Miraculous creation can only explain simultaneous operations.
~ An intelligent designer magnificently shouts out from every cell.
                                                         The shear complexity of it. <─┘

And more than that, the organism provides an informational context.
DNA alone does not wholly determine the morphological form and
organisms cell types are made of among other things specialized proteins,
organs are made of specialized cell types and body plans of specific
arrangements of organs and tissues, so it is bigger than one can ever dream …
… it goes beyond the DNA.

Evolutionists have all but lost there purpose
dumfounded to explain the unexplainable explainable.
It is as if from behind every matter particle is an angel laughing.

... in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them. ~ Psalms 139:13-16

God knew us before we were ever born.

His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood
by the things that are made, ... ~ Romans 1:20

└─> Best argument from the Bible for Intelligent Design. 

Proponents of Evolution
Proponents of Creation
(Intelligent Design)
Complex organisms arose
from simple incremental
Complex organisms
were divinely created by
a miraculous occurrence

Darwin himself said that if it could be demonstrated that any complex
organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous
successive slight modifications, his theory would absolutely break down.

So, Darwin admits that if a complex organ can
not reduce back to a common constituent simple form,
his theory breaks down or in other words, completely fails.

Darwin also admits how absurd it is to consider the human eye
as being an act of Natural Selection.

However he argues that small changes can lead
to all higher order organs through small adjustments.

Fruit Fly
Human Eyes
–    Light sensitive tissue
–    Cup with light sensitive spot
–    Primitive lens
–    Compound eye
–    Sharp long distance vision
-    Miraculous or incremental?

Darwin dismisses or trivializes how light sensitive tissues originated.
and continues by discarding the significance of how life first originated.
He finds no necessity for a firm foundation.
Weak as water is sufficient.

The chemistry changes underlying these Darwinian “eye” leaps
are too colossal to be rational, with incalculable “incremental steps”
~ missing from the historical record.

Unprecedented three dimensional color vision!
The Rods and chemical processes occurring in Pico-seconds,
receiving light which changes protein shapes to alter molecular forms
connected to inner membrane processes influencing pressures
between ions stimulating electrical charges sent to the brain
is no trivial event, yet taken for granted by most.

Depolarization → Hyperpolarization → Charge to the Brain

This light impact or process has to be restored continuously,
repeatedly, in a balanced refreshing.
Reverse Forward in concert.

Is it reasonable to explain vision by natural selection?
● It never will be done.
Do we fear truth or deny regard for God?

The human immune system?
Antibodies and memory cells that stay with one indefinitely
can not be dismissed in its complexity.

A human body has some 15 billion potential antibodies
depending upon the invading disease.
Heavy chain genes and light chain genes.

15 Billion Defenses:
Stem cell → B cell → antibody → virus, bacteria

The body is dependant upon all of its functioning’s to the degree
that if one part is damaged or removed, it can all shut down.
Irreducibly complex systems are dependant upon each other.

It is designed to work in concert with itself.
Blood, skin, etc.

The evidence is overwhelming.
We have more reason than ever in our age
to believe there is a Great God who created us.
Who has magnificent power beyond what we can even
imagine to design such things of which we have only just begun to
understand, but we know enough now where it ought to be completely
beyond question.

  God is the Foundation  

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men,
and the weakness of God is stronger than men. ~ 1st Corinthians 1:25

There is not one scintilla of evidence to support evolutionist’s hopes.
Clearly, Intelligent Design has overpowering favor based on the facts.
It is not God that undermines science, that is left to the arrogance of man.

Why we miss the
Intelligent Design argument is because
we don’t want to acknowledge GOD.

Thanks be to my dear acquaintance and brother in Christ, "Buddy" Payne.





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